Anime Review: Kurau Phantom Memory

Anime Review: Kurau Phantom Memory

A show about alien beings used to fuel power plants has a surprising lack of energy.

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Have to admit I have never heard ot his anime before. Intresting concept, but, as noted Elfen Lied has already done something similar.

Might watch a first episode if I can find one, but ill likely skip out on the series as a whole

I saw a demo episode of this show once, but it was so boring I had completely forgotten about it until you mentioned it now.

Yes, Elfen Lied has more peeing, nudity, dismemberment and blood. If that's what you're after, this ain't for you. But if fanservice for teens isn't your take, this might be a better pick.

Never seen it (or heard of it), and now have little desire to see it. Thanks for the warning. It goes on the "avoid" list. Note that me not wanting to see it is no slight against your review skills, just that the anime sounds wholly uninteresting.

Na I have seen a couple episodes and tbh I did not like this one.


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