Editor's Note: Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal

This week in The Escapist, our very first issue of 2010, we pay tribute to this infamous trinity of guns, girls and guitars in "Heavy Metal."

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Russ Pitts:
One plays Dragon Age: Origins to bang medieval chicks

Next week on the Escapist we delve into the gaming habits of the head honcho in Russ Pitts: Revealed.

Hair akimbo? I don't think it means what you think it means. When one's arms are akimbo, they are placed on the hips with the elbows out. I can relate to your GH experience, though; it was pretty much the same for me.

I just lament the lack of real metal-related articles.

I see punk, I see various "heavy not-quite-mainstream music" references, but... Almost no metal. Only a handful of metal bands referenced peripherally in one or two articles.

Oh well, 'it's good to be on the outside.'

I have to agree with TSED. Although I've enjoyed the articles I've read so far, they don't seem to form the issue I was expecting. "Women's issues in gaming" (interesting topic though it may be) is hardly the same as the prong labeled "Girls" that stands alongside "Guns" and "Guitars."


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