Escape to the Movies: Daybreakers

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MovieBob takes a bite out of Daybreakers and loves the taste!

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the anti-twilight... couldn't have characterized it better!

alright, vampires that don't sparkle and take their shirts off every 10 seconds. FINALLY

the anti-twilight... couldn't have characterized it better!

Something need to counter that film! Wewt!

The previews made it look like the matrix with vampires. Enough reason for me to check it out. :D

So did you like it Bob? I couldn't quite tell ;-)

thats kind of what i thought this would be from trailers, i REAL vampire movie.

Wow. I hadn't even heard of this movie before this review. Let's hope it gets the attention it deserves.

it's nice to see sam neill back on the big screen, he's incredibly underrated as a performer.

Good eh? From the previews I've seen thus far, I had sort of resigned myself to not liking this movie. Guess I'll find out tonight.

Loved the look of it, more reason to go see now. WOOOO! Anti-twilight. Thank god

This movie will probably end up in just about everybody's DVD collection.

Bob, you had me at Anti-Twilight.

Nice to see a movie showing real vampires for the first time in awhile. im generaly against the idea of book burning but twilight might be one of the cases where it would be goood. we should erase every trrace of twighlight from the history books.

Lets just hope some Twilight fangirls (and boys) decide/make the mistake of going to see this and end up realizing the T-light series is actually a cock flavoured lollipop!

After watching Avatar, I have learned to not take anything MovieBob says too literally.

But I may put it on the list anyhow, purely to spite Twilight, but also as a way of celebrating the end of joblessness (provided it's stil showing!)

I've come to the conclusion some years ago that the majority of vampire movies are going to suck. Saw the previews for this and was hoping it'd prove me otherwise.

I thought it be bad pretty much just on the basis that it was a horror movie, but now I'm gonna go see it.

I was on the fence about seeing this movie earlier, now I'm all over it. What a coincidence my friends and I decided tonight was "Go see a movie" night.

I was planning on seeing this Saturday night. Cool.

Holy jeez, the first new Vampire film of the year and not only do they give two fingers to Twilight, it's actually GOOD? MovieBob, this is why I love you.
Already had plans to go see this since I saw the Trailer at the Stepfather movie (not so good) but now I'll be looking forward to the best cinema experience since Up by my impression. If only they had played this at the halloween movie fest instead of Saw VI, oh well. Thanks Chipman, stay fancy.

I'm suprised this didn't turn out to be as bad as "Ultraviolet" was, didn't they do the whole "Future Corporate Vampire"-thing also?

It's been poorly-averagely received as far as I can see on Metacritic. Still interested though so I'll see it.

Well that looks... good?

Sorry for being surprised, but I was expecting a massive 'stop trying to br twilight' rant. I will go and see this for one reason, to show film makers that not everybody wants to see shirtless knob ends running around.

On another note, that was a great review as always... More people NEED to watch movie bob!

The film looks good, I might plan to see it soon. Also it's great to see Hollywood bringing back the real vampires.

Oh My God it's Ethan Hawke.

On Topic Awesome I wanted to see this so bad. Now it's a sure thing

I have heard nothing about this film but the stellar combination of CROSSBOWS AND MUSCLE CARS is gonna get me in the cinema soon.

It looked like a generic action flick from the previews, but then again so did District 9. It is a good thing we have Movie Bob around to enlighten us.

I have a question for people who have seen it. Does this movie use or over use the hand held camera technique of filming a battle?

District 9 made my wife motion sick which limited my enjoyment of an otherwise stellar movie.


This looks awesome, I must go see this next week.

*Adding Daybreakers to the SERIOUSLY I HAVE TO SEE THAT MOVIE list.*
First time I watched the trailers my thought were very high but they have gone even higher.

The plot reminds me a lot of the book Vamped.

I for the life of me can't understand how something like this could fly so low on the radar. Its the first im hearing of it. Though from the review and then trailers, I can say this is one of the movies that even I will go see.

It's not only Twilight that has been bending the rules of vampires and I'm saying this because I think it's unfair to insist on bashing it anymore. It's like beating up a dead horse. Anyone who doesn't like Twilight knows why they don't like it and who cares if millions of people around the world like it? I personally don't, but I'm not sadder because some do... they have the right to. Ok, they are technically not good movies, but their are just as many people liking them than people who don't and I believe that it doesn't matter for something to be popular to be liked or not. As they say, the important thing is that people talks about it. I think ignoring them would be better if we want to stop hearing about them.

I am a huge fan of MovieBob and probably my favorite movie critic. I like his honesty and analyses. He's really refreshing and takes movies for what they are supposed to be. A blockbuster movie isn't met to make you think and he seems to respect that. But Twilight? Come on! Let it be. I don't want to be Meyer's defender, but we can do better than that. Anyway... it seems to me that every vampire movies / story in the last 10 or 20 years were always ignoring some vampire rules just for the sake of making their story work and they always make their characters say something like this "Oh, garlic and crucifix are so stereotypical... REAL vampires aren't like that"! Anyway... I had no intentions of seeing Daybreaker, but you made me changed my mind.

I've been a huge Bram Stoker fan for a long long time so I am very excited for this. It's time to make vampires VAMPIRES again.

Been looking forward to this for awhile.

You had me at Willem Defoe.

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