Doomsday Arcade: Episode 23

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Episode 23

Shanks escapes Rapture and regroups with the rebel forces while Lund is poised to be the perfect weapon for the NPCs.

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*laughs uproariously* And I am watching it, but Kudos to Russ and Ben for sneaking in a lifetime performance.

awesome. bit visually all ove the place but some good action scenes. Go Russ and Yahtzee, thats the entire escapist represented now (ZP, Apocalypse Lane, Unskippable/ENN, and the editor in cheif for the actual journalism bit)

lol that was awesome!

THAT WAS EPIC. AND FUNNY. Too many puns. Great job guys.

Possibly the best yet. Special effects and costumes have come along way and I think this is now definatley my favourite series on the site.



Ah... Thomas the tank engine.

was that yahtzee i saw handing the guy the file he looks like him

"Close...but no lamarr"

I loll'ed

That was awsome.

Slick presentation as always, some good humour (and lousy puns) and awesome cameos from Russ and Yahtzee.

Well done, mate!

That Bit with Yahtzee Nearly Killed Me :L

Seriously. Awesome.

No other words.

Good work guys. Who knew Russ could speak with a Russian accent!?

*twitch* so many *twitch* bad jokes *twitch*

but I loved that most pointless cameo ever, it was beautiful.

those puns are fucking awesome, seriously james bond is now shit in my books.

That was unreal! I laughed all the way through. Russ :')
Its the little things and the game twists that make this so great! Man, im going to go watch it again, i cant describe how fucking awesome that was!!

Requesting a GIF of Lactose Matt scene?

the constant camera angle changing makes it really hard to watch, and there where a bit to many bad jokes, especially the "zero punctuation" joke.

Finally an episode!

It was great. I thought I was the only one who thought Alyx was annoying.

EDIT: Nice "that character that Tim Curry played in Congo" impression Russ.

Fantastic episode :D

Well done! Great cameos, a lot of silly puns, and the inclusion of Kane.

Yahtzee had a cameo? When was that? Anyone mind telling me?

Loved the episode to death^^. But of course Half-Life would be a major episode, you little Valve-fanboy.
Looking forward to the next episode.

Oh! By the way: The Yahtzee bit was good(I was hoping that he would get a line, though-_-)

Yahtzee had a cameo? When was that? Anyone mind telling me?

Well, dat report did haf almost no punksuasian.

Wow, that is quite possibly amazing. How these guys do it i'll never know. :)

Jon Etheridge:
Good work guys. Who knew Russ could speak with a Russian accent!?

He also did it in the Red Alert 3 Escapist show. He was forced to clap about the armoured bear.

Anyways brilliant episode, and it's nice to see Verbose Matt's brothers but I'll always prefer the Verbose Matt.

And the G Man was hilarious.

close, but no Lamarr XD

great episode guys it was extremely hilarious.
Keep it up :D
PS: Gordon should never talk...ever!!

Oh, how you spoil us with these awesome interpetations of our favourite characters. Well done, good sirs. Sneaky camoes by the way.

I imagine this episode has made some Half Life fans squeall with joy...So, Gordon hates Alyx, I never would have guessed...Gravity gun, yeah!

Also, who came up with the idea to add Kane in, brilliant. I'm just playing through Tiberium Wars with NOD, so this is an awesome coinsidence. Nice parody of him, and to have Russ Pitts as Kane was funny.

BOOMerang, babyh!....ugh. So many puns...

Nicely done guys. Buce is probably my favourite character, and I can't explain quite why :P
Good cameos too. :)

"You accidently shot me Gordon.."

Nice! though I don't recall Alyx being unbearable like that.

Also, Gordon the Tank engine! I remember them from when I was only a nipper!

"It's as if there are no periods, no commas, no punctuation."

I laughed so hard I had to skip back to that part so I could see what I missed while laughing.

Terrible puns, over-the-top acting, and pointless cameos. Best series at the Escapist by far.

Yay! for ZP crossover!

I am full of happy now. :)

Best episode yet guys. I lol'd oodles.

This is just amazing. It may be the funniest thing I've seen all year. Thank you very much ^^

Jesus effing christ that was awesome.

I halfly expected Yahtzee to open his mouth and speak, but it's more fun that he didn't. Seeing as it's sort of ironic how the ever-verbal Ben Croshaw makes a cameo as a mute.

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