An Interview with Metroid Metal

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An Interview with Metroid Metal

This band will rock you so hard, you'll want to curl up into a morph ball.

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Very cool, although I must say i am not much of a metal fan. And game wise the only sound track I ever bought was the Tiberian Sun soundtrack, yay C&C!

Wish I could go and see them in person, although not a huge metal fan. Metal + Game Music = Win!

I have been a fan of MM for a long time now, and their music is really good, and Stemage (Grant Henry) is a genius with music. I suggest everyone listen to more than one track, Boss Medley is awesome.

very cool :)

Wish I could go and see them in person, although not a huge metal fan. Metal + Game Music = Win!


For those about to rock, we salute you!

I don't really like metal all that much, nor did I play the original Metroid. Still, that song is fucking epic, no two ways about it.

Metroid Metal are fantastic. Listened to some of their stuff a couple of months ago.

Used to go by the name Stemage, didn't he? Back in 2003 and a bit on at least? Didn't see it mentioned in the article.

EDIT: Doh, read above. Thanks to JPKooper for already clearing that up.

Metroid is a series I hold in the same kind of regard to the likes of Half-Life for quality; i.e. it is one of my favourite series of all time.

Metroid metal takes the already stellar soundtrack and pushes it into overdrive; I love it!

It definately helps how I'm into Metal in the first place too, making this even better from my personal standpoint.

Love them, love them, love them. Metroid Metal is my favourite way to stay sane.

XD, I've been listening to these guys for months already. They kick ass.

I'd discovered Metroid Metal nearly a year ago purely by accident, searching for the original NES' Metroid tunes. Totally blew me away from the first few guitar licks. Thus, I knew what to expect when I went to see them at PAX '09.

I was wrong.

They were more metal than ever! MM came out and melted our faces off song after song. I was pretty close to the stage, too, so I felt the full force of each note as it shredded off another layer of my flesh. One of the best shows I've been to simply for the amazing energy from the band and the fans (myself definitely included there.)

I picked up Varia Suite at PAX as well as a sampler of other songs from bands the MM members are in (Arm Cannon's cover of The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers theme is to die for.) If you have the chance to see Metroid Metal play live by all means do so; you won't be disappointed.

I've been listening to these guys for a while, and they've only gotten better since. May they continue to rock our faces off.

(Clicks on the "Metroid Theme")
Its so beautiful...

I love the music from Metroid.
All the game shave great tracks but a few of my favorites come from Fusion and Prime 1.
I defiantly want to see them live.

i have all the song for a long time... before they sell them :) i will buy the album, thoug, its really worth it. Metroid is my favorite saga and NES metroid was my very first game (very rare but my nes came with Metroid instead of Mario) and i love metal... what else can i ask for \m/

I played that tune tons of times on Stepmania, nice surprise to hear it again :D

These guys are the only Metal I like.

Probably because I love Metroid so much.


I found Metroid Metal quite by accident; surfing Youtube for Metroid clips. I followed the link to the MM page, and have been hooked ever since. I have both the MM album, as well as Stemage; and love them both. (Also have three t-shirts, and a sticker. Yeah, I'm *that* guy.)

Advice? If you love the game series, get the MM album. And, visit the website, too; certain songs are different between the two.

How do they handle copyright? Nintendo is pretty nasty when it comes to "their" stuff, going after fan vids and stuff, calling themselves Metroid Metal alone could be enough to get Nintendo to come down on them, let alone basing some of their work on the songs from the games.

It's pretty good stuff though.

I've loved metroid metal for a very very long time.

If you guys think the sample provided and the Varia Suite album is "too metal," you should try listening to the stuff they have available for free download at their website. It's much more melodic and progressive than your average metal, and it's less grindy and more harmonizing. When I first found it, I was looking for a better "remix" (version?) of the brinstar theme used in super smash brothers, and I found theirs and was hooked immediately.

I'm glad to see it's finally coming around as more of a band.

Nice article, something like this definitely deserves it's place on the Escapist. To be honest, I wouldn't mind interviews with a little less gaming-related bands either. I mean, the Escapist never was just a gaming site, so why not do a little bit of music, once in a while? I'd say that turned out pretty well with MovieBob.

As a metal fan and a Metroid fan, all I can say is: FUCK YEAH! *growling voice* And now I got a sudden urge to play Metroid.

Guys, you do also know about Protomen, right?
Found them a long time ago right here at Escapist, loved them ever since.

How has no one mentioned "Powerglove" yet?

No offense, seriously. But these guys arent even on a similar plane as Powerglove.

The Advantage is STILL the best 8-bit cover band to grace the earth.

This rocks, i woudl totally buy their CD if i could get a physical copy (not really into paying for DL'ed stuff tbh)

Pretty cool band :3, my volume was much too loud when that song clip played.

This rocks, i woudl totally buy their CD if i could get a physical copy (not really into paying for DL'ed stuff tbh)

Well, you can get a physical copy as long as you order online. On the offisial website there is one link for download album and one for get disc.

This is pretty awesome to be honest. I would love to buy their CD but only a physical copy to be honest. But yeah this music kicks major league ass.

Metalic Metroid Covers? What about "the minibosses"? They've been there first (and the result rocks)!

Minibosses....pure win, these guys are ok.

Ohhhhhh god yes. I bought their album Varia Suite. It is so epic.

Love Metroid Metal, they should play at Yahtzee's Mana Bar when he opens that up. Just give me plenty of warning so i can haul my arse up there.

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