An Interview with Metroid Metal

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Haha, we'd be honored to play for Yahtzee's customers when the time comes.

Thanks for all the kind words, guys, hoping to see at least a few of you at PAX East (we're playing with the Protomen, so that should be enough convincing for most of ya) or the next MAGFest. Don't be shy, beers and fist-pounds and manly hugs for all!

As for Powerglove (no offense taken, by the way), yeah they put on a great show, and their guitarists make me feel like a total amateur. If you're looking for in-your-face double bass, chugging and sweepy solos, they're the dudes for sure. I still dig Armcannon and the OneUps more though, from an arrangement stand point among other things (this is going to sound weird, but I'm not much of a metalhead haha). Your mileage may certainly vary!

And I second the emotion that the Advantage are pretty much top of the class as far as 8-bit covers go. There are some NES songs that are impossible to play perfectly in a full-band set up (their Double Dragon 3 and Duck Tales arrangements come to mind), but that's never stopped them from doing it perfectly anyway.


I love Metriod and I love metal, so it's pretty obvious I'm gonna love them. These guys are fucking epic!!!

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