Unskippable: The Last Remnant, Part 2

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This 'game' is a steaming pile of shit. A pile of shit that uses the Unreal engine, yet still excrement. It's like a bad anime movie that you have to press A to watch, and that includes the combat---

--- In my humble experience:

Is what I'm sure you meant to say.

No, not really. But you can silently mouth it after reading the post if you like.

A spy? Seriously? The kid ran headfirst into a battlefield screaming his sisters name before almost getting blown up along with everyone else. James Bond is a more subtle spy than this kid.

BTW about your super weapon, good job with that...idiots.

Ominousness is a word, really.

Wait, it is...more than can be said for this "game".

hahahaha, one of the best ones in a good while.

lol, I didnt think you were going to do the next part.

It is long, so long...so very long

Nice continuation from last week guys. I wouldn't mind seeing this continue for a 3rd week actually.

I loved the bit about the bridges all being closed until you complete a mission.

Please keep going with this one if there's more left, I haven't laughed this much since eternal sonata...

"His superpower is passing out from rage."
I honestly laughed out loud at that, something that rarely happens these days.
I'd actually like you to keep going with this game. But it's obviously up to you guys.

Can someone explain the "blue pages, red pages" joke? I didn't get it. Other then that, great episode.

EDIT: Sorry for all of the errors in the original post. I was using the PS3 to get online and do stuff because the normal internet ports were down, and the PS3 screws stuff up when you use it to browse.

You guys seem to have taken a liking to the commander woman. I can understand why.

If she was real, she would have the job for the third slot. Unskippable, with Graham, Paul, and Lady Emma

Can someone explain the ?blue pages, red pages? joke? I didn't get it. Other then that, great episode.

It's a reference to Myst, where you collect both or either red or blue pages from each area you visit. And yes, this was a standout episode.

One of the best ones in recent memory, consistent jokes that consistently made me laugh. Consistently.

Classic as always.

A worthy sequel to the previous unskippable which i noted is my favorite yet, lots of laughs, really great job! Too bad you decided not to continue with this game. :)

Graham isn't the only one glad that they won't keep going with The Last Remnant. Trust me.

His super power is to pass out with rage.

I'd love that power.

- Judo chop

nice one guys.

The slow motion bit...
Am I the only one who thought "Noooooooo!" should have been "Saaammaaaanntthhaaaa!"?

Exceptional, lots of laughs in this one :)

surprise? didn't expect a part 2 :P

Oh my... I've never rooted for the bad guys to kill the lead protagonist as here and now. "Cave?" Buh? UGH! To think, I actually wanted this game.

This one was very funny. I almost want them to carry on and have a part 3 but I guess if there were more lols in there (I haven't played the game so have no idea what else happens) they'd have went with it. Nice work.

That was the best one in quite a long time. When says "Cave?" the responses you guys gave afterwards were absolutely hilarious. Great episode.

Red Wyvren:
Please keep going with this one if there's more left, I haven't laughed this much since eternal sonata...

I have to agree! XD There's something about JRPGs compelling need to turn everything into a bloody movie-- a bad movie! And the Unskippable boys are so-SO very good at taking advantage of that quality. :D

the bridge is closed due to construction until we complete a specific mission.
love gaming humour

Wayne's World flashback? Yes.

Jeez, it's like, you TRY to feel bad for Rash... but he's just so incompetent to EVERYTHING around him! He's like an NPC that somehow tripped into being the main character.

His name is "Rush sykes" what kind of name is that???

Yeah, even for SquareEnix character that sounds made up...She should kill him just to be certain.

Aww. Come on, guys. Do the rest of the cutscene. Watching the commander chick insult Rush is the best part, and something tells me there's more of it.

And they could go on...but they didnt, too bad in a way oh well.

THe Red Page guy was more fun..

Great Job!!

That was the best anti-game logic I've ever heard

"they died as the large boulders crushed them. But of course not because this is a game."

Batman: Let her go!
Joker: Ooh.. very poor choice of words.
*lets her fall*

See? It works!

Nice work, as usual. I espically loved the "Doodleydoot!" bit when they're starting the flashback, the Myst reference, and the Super Saiyan gag.

The cutsceen keeps going? There is something wrong with that.

Bring the Blue Pages!
lol, Myst joke :D

OMG, I could watch the screaming, then passing out part over and over and still laugh. He must have yelled so loud that he popped a blood vessel, making him pass out,lol. Pathetic, yet hilarious.

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