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A Few Good Gamers

LG brings motion control to television, and America's Army becomes the front line of video game recruitment technology.
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Excellent as always. Loved the blooper at the end, and the Konami code joke was soooo good. You forgot select, though.

What is sad, is that we do have to do repetitive tasks, sit around for extended periods of time and watch stuff lol. At least our M2's don't have the guitar on the back though...I suck at Guitar Hero so my unit would be screwed...

Great job again ENN! Love the blatant sarcasm

LG is brilliant! Would you like to enjoy this?

haha, good stuff as always :)

The last 40 seconds of this was pure fun, exactly the type of thing ENN is best at :D

edit: I probably missed it, but what's the title of this episode about?

Nicely done as always.

I'm still secretely hoping to get recruited into AA by having played motorstorm alot :D

sweet! this show is so consistently good it makes me wonder, do you guys spend a lot of time coming up with this stuff or does it come naturally after years of sketch comedy? I can imagine it is easier to come up with stuff when you have gaming news to base the jokes on, but still. And how much of your ideas don't make it into the show? could we perhaps get text versions of the stuff that didn't make it?

I can get recruited by playing Starcraft? Woo!

Aside from Morgan looking like the youngest colonel ever, I thought this was hilarious.

I wonder what other games could be translated into military type training sims.

Damn, I'm more experienced than a veteran of Afghanistan.
Loved the bit at the end.

Man, you guys are over-worked and (probably) underpaid.

You hold down regular jobs AND do three videos a week...Holy shit. Well, you've been doing three a week for a few months now, so its probably getting easier.

Bonus points for the use of the Konami code, nice work.


Also, love the guitar hero gun.
Or Gun Hero?
[Cue epic music]

Morgan.. that was a terrible accent. :D


edit: I probably missed it, but what's the title of this episode about?

I take it you haven't heard of the movie, "A Few Good Men."


(Yes, I'm going to do that every time you guys mention him, I love it that much.)

And congrats on the disease, Graham.

Morgan's accent was a little weak, but otherwise pretty solid stuff.

The last 30 seconds were pure win, and I really hope the American Army will send all the huntards on a suicide mission to Afghanistan so we won´t have to play with them anymore.

Good video, not so good somewhere in the US accent

This just in: Konami Code is still awesome.

Excellent! Loved tghe wrist thing at the beginning and Morgans impression of a military col.!

Although...I wonder who actually strapped a guitar to an AA Gun o.o

Great, funny as always.

Reminded me why I hate America`s Army the video game too.

Funny as always ... enjoyed the Konami Code and congrats on the new disease Graham

Lmao i always love the endings of ENN. Great stuff guys


I just hope the Army doesn't start recruiting from MewTwo servers. All the insurgents would have to do is yell "OMG noob tube" and all our soldiers would pull out their knives and start rushing forward blindly.

Laughed out loud at the title for the 15th "Final" Fantasy game (seriously, they might as well go with it) and almost choked on my breakfast burrito at the end. Spectacular, guys.

Was anyone else expecting a slightly more... inappropriate reason for Kathleen to have a repetitive stress injury to her wrist? No? Just me? Huh.

sweet! this show is so consistently good it makes me wonder, do you guys spend a lot of time coming up with this stuff or does it come naturally after years of sketch comedy?

Time holes. That's what I decided. They found the lost time holes of Western Canada and have been employing them for over a quarter of a century now.

Great blooper, loved the Konami code joke, and the WoW Hunter "easymode" joke made me laugh at myself.

...I used to be one.

Ha, Morgan's accent wasn't terrible (okay, it was) but you lost it completely when he said "progress." I mean really Canadians, what are you doing thinking that vowels in American English follow consistent pronunciation patterns (like professor and production)? Come to think of it, that form of "progress" is a verb to me, as opposed to the noun. It's strange, but that one word always tells me when something was filmed or voice-acted in BC. Not a complaint, just a funny observation. Anyway, the Guitar Hero-controlled AA gun was inspired; good job!

I, for one, would enjoy watching Morgan do an R. Lee Ermey impression.

quality accent thar :D
love your humor.
exactly what I needed. I'll be using the logo changing cheat more often now.

sweet lets hit Iraq/Afghanistan, hope the "insurgents" dont use noob toobs or care packages..

Wait arn't we the insurgents?

bah, nvm mods will sort it out

Good show, Morgan! That almost-but-not-quite-redneck accent was pretty awesome!

EA's right, games released in 2009 are, like.. SO old, y'know?

I gotta agree with The Rogue Wolf though, I kinda went to a weird place there when Kathleen mentioned the wrist. Too much "Wii", perhaps? o.O

Probably the only thing I didn't enjoy so much was the Final Fantasy caption about it being "like the first one should have been". They AREN'T sequels, they're completely different games that all happen to be part of a series. Although the roman numerals are a sort of cop-out, it's still not the same as Assassin's Creed 2 or Uncharted 2. THEY have the same characters and overall set-up. In a lighter side to it, it does mean the Squeenix can finally work on a new series that ISN'T Final Fantasy, which will most likely be a successor.

LOL great episode all around.

I love the Konmai code joke

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