Review: Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets (PC)

Review: Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets (PC)

Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets fulfills the desires of the inner gossip columnist in all of us.

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Your Rival is a guy called Dante?

That saving his wife from hell thing must not have worked out...

For some reason I, a 19 year old male, really wants to play this.

The DSM:
Your Rival is a guy called Dante?

That saving his wife from hell thing must not have worked out...

Well, if you think about it - he probably met a lot of celebrities in hell.

Dante? Oh EA, your ever so subtle attempt to draw even the casual of player in to hype of Dante's Inferno has been uncovered. But you knew it would, didn't you EA? That was your plan all along, wasn't it? Oh, clever, clever EA.

It seems like "Whom is sleeping with Waldo, and where?!"

It seems like "Whom is sleeping with Waldo, and where?!"

lol, yeah. Ill certainly try trial at least.

*Falls over*

Hmmm, not quite my cup of tea.

To me celebrities are famous because I like their body of work, in general I could care less about a lot of the gossip surrounding them as long as their product continues to be decent. Right now it seems like as soon as some actor or singer produces some good stuff everyone immediatly starts running right out to drag them through the mud.

I also tend to play games to get away from banal social commentary.

I'll also be honest in saying flatly that when it comes to Celebrities I think ignorance is bliss. See, when certain things get force fed to you about certain people it can't help but change what you think about them and reflect on their work in many cases. To some extent I'm simply happier not knowing, and a lot of the reveals are the kinds of things you wouldn't know about anyone unless you either knew them closely (which might change your opinion depending on the relationship), or were stalking them.

But then again I also thing a lot of celebs should also stay out of politics and such. I for example grew up with Danny Glover as an action hero. This guy was a hero who was blowing bad guys heads off in movies like "Lethal Weapon" and "Predator 2" since I was a little kid. Some of the stuff I've seen him involved in has him acting like a total peacenik. I understand the differance between fantasy and reality, and that he isn't his characters, but given some of the things he said I can't help but think he was a hypocrit to do some of those movies with their messages. Especially given that those "early" movies before he got into what I suppose is viewed as "serious actiong" is why he's famous to me.

That said, I can see how a lot of people would enjoy this kind of game.

Wow. Pardon the very overworked expression but I wouldn't be caught dead playing this one. Another expression would be: I wouldn't touch this game with a 10 foot spork. Or how about: this game doesn't cater to my interests. We have way too many expressions in this language.

So its like an electronic version of Where's Waldo? I could actually see myself getting into that...if it had infinite levels. I would burn through something like that in ten minutes. I was a master of that series when I was a kid.


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