Stolen Pixels #161: Rorschach Interview, Part 3

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Hahaha, this Rorshach interview is the best one yet!

Don't worry, Breen. Abusing old people is just part of Roschach's brooding routine. Remember Moloc? Just validate his suspicion about a mask killer and he'll go away.

Metro- DON'T get that weapon. That will just make Roschach angry. And you won't like him when he's angry.

The window is just a prop! - I think that fits with: The Cake is a Lie!
And yes, which camp is Breen in? Leno or Conan?

Lol. I love Metro, the best Combine ever. Valve should make him the star of Episode 3.

Agreed. Though, more importantly, Valve should make Episode 3. Soon.

How the hell did Breen get Slippy the Toad on the show? We need to see him get beaten by Metro! It will make all of our collective days!

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