237: In Memoriam

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Definitely believe we should pay tribute to all of those great people that have brought us the great entertainment of video games. Video games will never die!!!!

I agree that it is quite sad that Game developers are not seen with high esteem like other forms of entertainment. They deserve to have their names remembered just like musicians and artists are. The newer generation of gamers wont know anything about them because there is little if any documentation about them. Hopefully in the future game developers will gain the respect they deserve.

Hands up who remembers Jeff Minter.

Absolutely lovely article. I'm a little ashamed to realize that I put far more thought into the lives of who writes my books and directs my movies than who creates and designs my video games (and all the more ashamed, considering my boyfriend worked as a QA tester for Harmonix). You have inspired me to do more research into the artists and creators of these works. Here's to all the sung and unsung heros of video game creation.

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