Yes, They're Gamers, Too

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Yes, They're Gamers, Too

Are people really still getting their knickers in a twist over who calls themselves a "gamer"? Really?

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It all seems very 'No true Scotsman' to me - however I don't like to think some people are 'gamers' myself; are you a gamer if you play online chess?

Those required measures to be a true gamer are beyond Bizzaro.

A game is a game. You can call it what you want, but when a person plays that game it's now an act of gaming, making them a "gamer".

And don't worry Susan. Everyone else sucks at Megaman too.

I suck at Megaman too. I can't even beat number 2. I mean, I got to like the third stage of Wiley's castle, but...

Then I played Megaman 9. I can safely say, fuck that shit. I don't need that much stress in my life. I have exams for that.

I think it's funny that a whole swath of people that play Farmville probably don't consider themselves to be gamers.

I'm reminded of the following.

That other guys article was stupid. He's an idiot and an elitist. Screw him.

I won't start about my own definition for a "real gamer", but it's certainly much more simple.

A Gamer in my view, is merely a person who plays games and researches before purchases. (most of the time)

Though I do concede that the "fight" so to speak is over.

Though non "Gamers" (by my definition) that prance around calling themselves a gamer, and then saying they are a GREATER gamer then I (at this point it's a pissing contest) annoys me to no end.

I've met many a self proclaimed gamer that has never heard of Megaman, nor do they even know what "Ubisoft" or "Ea Games" are. Sadly in my experience this tends to be console gamers. Although if you're right here reading this you are not in that category for obvious reasons. (You're reading gaming news and articles, proof enough.)

I admit it's childish, but alas it's a mentality that needs to be altered.

I guess I'd say what makes somebody a "gamer" is if they keep up to date with the surrounding world of gaming. I mean I play golf occasionally but I'm not really a golfer, a golfer knows who won the Ryder Cup last year and how to put backspin on a chip, although they may not have the best execution. That's the way I define being a gamer.

Well although I do not care about the title "gamer" I hate when other people try to use it as a weapon. For example, and this is something this very site has done. Calling for changes in gaming because "There are more female gamers than young men gamers" when all they do is play fucking Farmville. When you try to make a claim like that, especially when calling for changes like a end of TnA and you use such shitty shaky backup as a bunch of middle aged women who only play tetris or bejewelled then that is when I personally get pissed off.

The whole "real gamer" thing has always bugged me. A gamer is a person who plays games. Period. That's all the word means. It's not a religion, there's no such thing as a gaming heretic, and playing more or "better" games than someone else does not make you special.

Has anybody beaten Megaman without dying? I've barely even played Megaman and I'm pretty sure I gave up after dying too many times in 5 minutes. Does that make me an unreal gamer? Is the title of "Real" gamer solely reserved for those social mutants who have hand-eye coordination that rivals the Gods themselves and a threshold for frustration and pain greater than the audience of Survivor?

If so, I'll go without and console myself by having sex with girls.

A gamer to me is someone who plays games. Thats all it is.

I haven't played Final Fantasy 7, Super Mario Bros. on the NES, or the origional Zelda titles. And I never will. Does that make you better than me? Hell no. Mainly because I don't care.

And if you can beat mega man without dying, then you are a freak of nature and really, really need to get a life.

I'm reminded of the following.

That was great, thank you for that.

Seriously? I can't beat Mega Man without dying, it's fucking difficult. I have not played Braid. I cannot string a combo together on a Playstation controller. I have played through Deus Ex many many times. I have played through Mass Effect many times. I have beaten the fuck out of Double Dragons 1, 2, and 3. I have finished almost every single Zelda game, with the exception of DS titles and gamecube/Wii titles. I played the fuck out of Doom, Doom 2, and Dark Forces when I was a acne infected teen back in the 90's. I played Combat, Space Invaders, and a whole fucking slew of other games on Atari 2600 back when I was a wee lad in the 80's. I remember when NBA Jam was the best basketball game ever, and I was fucking awesome at it.

That guy is an idiot, and if his definition of being a gamer is right then being wrong has never been so fucking awesome.

hehe, i suck at megaman too! (the first one :P)

You video gaming bastards stole the word "gamer" from us pen-and-paper RPGers in the first place. (I'm sure any second now, some wargamer will claim the same thing about RPers, and will probably be right.) So don't be whining now. If history's taught us anything, the term will go where the money does, so as far as the public consciousness will be concerned, all those WiiFit users are "gamers" regardless of our feelings in the matter.

(Beat MegaMan without dying? Good Lord, is Teoh a gamer or a member of some cult that plays MM 16 hours a day?)

If you perform music, you are a musician. Even if the music is bad to someone other than you.

If you write, you are a writer. Even if the writing is bad to someone other than you.

If you play games, you are a gamer. Even if the game is bad to someone other than you.

There's definitions, and then there's matters of degree. This guy needs to learn the difference. Be wary and avoid wrestling a definition, unless you want a dictionary lodged in an uncomfortable place.

What annoys me is that there are just better games than the ones casuals play, more enlightening, life changing games that they're ignoring. I play games for fun, yes, and I absolutely LOATHE Street Fighter, but I like RPGs. I've been playing since I was 5, so I guess part of this 'gamer' trend is how long one has spent experiencing them. You'll get that with every form of entertainment.

I suppose we need to differentiate between what is a game and what is a fucking gym. Wii Fit is not a game, yet it is on a games console. Nintendo have gone out of their way to decimate their hardcore fanbase quite substantially, so I can understand why a lot of people are bitter.

I usually hate most hardcore games anyway. Mega Man 9 was the most overrated piece of tripe I've ever paid for.

this is the only question relevant to being a gamer:

Do you play Professional Starcraft in Korea?

if yes, you are a gamer

if not, you are a game enthusiast at best, but more likely you are an ungreatful bastard

there are gamers and casual gamers and the normal gaming pretty much hate the casual gamers for calling themselves gamers but really?If you play games you are a gamer because gamer means a person who plays gamer right?

I don't think people who play casual games are "gamers", but rather people who play video games. Then again, I don't consider people Who spend their lives trying to be lvl 80 in WoW or try to be top ranked in CoD "gamers" either. To me, gamers enjoy every part of gaming from the RTS to the FPS. Gamers love to get headshots, but they also love to get to finish the quest and get to the next stage.

To sum it up, I think a gamer may love one genre, but that doesn't stop them from liking the other ones.

I couldn't agree more with the article. The discussion is incredibly stupid. If gamerhood (gamership? gamerdom?) is at all relevant, then we're assuming that there is a difference between being a gamer and not being a gamer. We are assuming that gamers are somehow something different than non-gamers, the implication being that conforming to the gamer stereotype is somehow a badge of honour.

Only gamer stereotype is that of a teenage-to-middle age shut-in with too much spare time and too few real friends living in a basement and pretending that he's a lone wolf by choice when he's a pathetic outcast. How that got reconfigured into an accomplishment, I honestly don't know.

The worst part of the deal is that this leads to bad games. Instead of approachable, progressive, next-gen experiences that move the industry forward (from Uncharted's playable cinematics to better, less intrusive tutorials and new game mechanics), we get regressive "hardcore" crap (the best example in recent times would be Bayonetta, one of the ugliest, most archaic games I've played in a long while).

I agree with this article. I'm tired of people making fun of games like WoW and casual games.

I'm reminded of the following.

Ugh, don't remind me of that. One of the worst things I've ever read.

To Susan: THANK YOU. I have always found the notion of hardcore versus casual to be unbelievably petty and immature. The way people act, you'd think that anybody who doesn't play something on The Official Good Game List is worse than Hitler. It's absolutely appalling, the way people can't seem to get to grips with the concept that people like stuff that they don't.

If you play a game, no matter how casual, obscure, hardcore, or whatever else, you are a friggin' gamer. Now assimilate.

My argument say tha everyone who plays games on a regular basis, whatever the games, is a gamer by default. (Regular meaning at least weekly to me, some may differ)

That said, I don't find that the battle to have gaming accepted is won. I still get a lot of funny looks, and people automatically assume I have poor social skills and a small group of friends when I simply mention that I have an XBOX360, let alone referring to myself as a gamer.

I don't care about the 'hardcore'/'casual' debate, as long as it stays the hell away from me, but I don't think gaming is as accepted as other forms of entertainment yet, which to me is a more interesting issue than what makes a gamer or not.

(Also, it's extraordinarily interesting from a sociological standpoint to note that people are fine with Wii ownership, but mention any other console and they jump to 'freaky social reject loser'. This is not Wii bashing, but an observation I have made, has anyone else experienced similar? Gamers may argue about the Wii's relevance as a gaming platform, but I have found that 'non-traditional gamers' to give them a title, do not consider themselves to be gaming.)

I still defend the status as a gamer, though i feel a bit silly admitting it after reading that.Its always been something thats made me an outcast growing up, and as i grew i met many great games.

Nowadays casual gamers are most of the population, which is good. I am no longer an outcast for my hobby and people respect it as a decent past time.
On the other side, i've seen that the rise in popularity has followed a decrease in game difficulty and a lack of imagination.I mean i bless games like mirror's edge which have recently tried to put a new spin on playing games.

In my eyes its that we push the casual gamers away and reject them of the honored title because many of us don't want this decline of gaming to continue.
Soon enough games wont even have titles, each genre's ideas will be reprocessed into one filthy clump each.
You'll have First Person Shooter, Platformer, Puzzle, Real Time Stratergy, Racer, Sandbox, RPG, Guitar and Sport.

It doesn't matter to me. To me a "gamer" is someone who plays games, whether they be casual or otherwise. Besides I've played a few "casual" games and some of them aren't bad for occasional time wasters. It's like Baseball, you've got the Major League professional ball players, and you've got the neighborhood kid's ball team; you don't ever see the the former complaining about the latter saying they're not "real" ball players, do you? Of course not! That'd be ridiculous. Complaining about the more casual gamers in the same way is just as ridiculous.
As Susan said, we've won! Gaming is mainstream now, lay down your arms; the fight is over... well almost. There's still Micheal Atkinson and a few other pretentious jerks, but they're in the minority now.

Why not bring gaming back to its roots? Make EVERY game almost entirely reliable on randomness, and we have to pay money to play the games, but if we win we get our money and everyone elses! Don't you remember the roots of gaming?

I suck at meg man too...and I dont think its about labelling...if you enjoy games, cool, if Its all a mattr of a person

But gamer has a specific meaning that you completely blkow over.

OneBig Man:
I don't think people who play casual games are "gamers", but rather people who play video games. Then again, I don't consider people Who spend their lives trying to be lvl 80 in WoW or try to be top ranked in CoD "gamers" either. To me, gamers enjoy every part of gaming from the RTS to the FPS. Gamers love to get headshots, but they also love to get to finish the quest and get to the next stage.

To sum it up, I think a gamer may love one genre, but that doesn't stop them from liking the other ones.

I agree with this. I don't consider everyone who picks up a mouse or a controller or a phone with stuff on it, a gamer. A gamer is a connoisseur of games. I consider myself to be a gamer. I'm not particularly good at them or have the latest gen console or the most powerful hardware, but I have a far-reaching library, i keep up with gaming news and culture, and I love to play pretty much any game, though that doesn't stop me from being what a gamer is most and really adds to the, "connoisseur" definition- one who is a critic of games and care deeply about what value they add to the industry.

I play Peggle, and I've been gaming since 1991 (five years old).

I guess I'm not a gamer though because I play a "casual" game.

Unfortunately humans like to promote segregation which supplies artificial superiority. "Gamers" don't like being part of the social mainstream, much like punks or goths don't.

This is a sweeping statement, and there will be exceptions such as myself, but this is the primary reason.

If you enjoy video games, you are a gamer. You don't have to be deeply involved in gamer culture to get the title.

Other example of the principle:

I am straight edge. I follow the rules of the lifestyle. However, I have only minor ties to the culture through liking Minor Threat.

I don't even like Megaman...

Its like making out people who read Harry Potter books aren't "real readers".

Wondering to how, if at all, participation in gaming culture and/or self-identification relate to the gamer label. I know plenty of people who play video games but deliberately avoid the label because they don't consider gaming a significant part of their identities.

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