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On Punctuation

Yahtzee gives us the spill on his new book, as Final Fantasy XIII tours America.
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Yay, for being a shiny magpie :)

"A book"
"Is that a type of game?"

Roll on August 2010!

Good work as usual can't wait to find out more about yahtzee's "text adventure". Loved the expression on his face at the end of the interview.

Ben should speak a little louder. Very Funny regardless...
I loved Kathleen swooning over Yahtzee

I love the breaking news having a sad face drawn on it.
Great work as always. :D

I thought Kathleen DeVere reaction to Yahtzee was very funny.

Kathleen Yahtzee DeVere Croshaw was great

and You know your all dying to get hold of the KoJammies!

OMG, I want some Kojamies!

He he, the Fat Boys bit at the end was good.

I would describe Yahtzee as many things... Dreamy? No. Well. Maybe.

Dammit, why haven't they released Square One on DVD? That show was awesome.

Kathleen Yahtzee DeVere Croshaw!
I'm sure Yahtzee wouldn't be TOO adverse to consumating that binding >.>

Now that was a great interview. :)

'kay, this one was pretty good, although the whole "constantly throwing insults about Final Fantasy XIII".. thing.. Is really getting old and needs to stop. No one was grinding in that playtest of FFXIII, it was early access to get to play the actual story.

Here's just an example of a recent brilliant and legitimate discussion regarding JRPG's and WRPG's and why we even need to make them separate genres.. Not one person can say that you don't have grinding in WRPG's. Hell, it's in a lot of Borderlands and Fallout 3! So no one really has a right to complain about JRPG grinding.

Eh, other than all that, I liked the rest, although it took me a bit to catch what Graham was saying at the end o.O Silly Yahtzee and his BOOKS though..

I want the ZP book...

Great episode, guys.

Grrr this is still super frustrating.

are they doing real news and putting a fake twist on it ala Saturday Night Live or just pure fake stories (of course i can tell the ones which are TRULY fake)

Still love it though


His new game looks so good :3

looking forward to the game call the book by Yahtzee. \o/

I don't consider myself a hoarder, but I would totally hoard that Prinny plushie if I had one.


Grrr this is still super frustrating.

are they doing real news and putting a fake twist on it ala Saturday Night Live or just pure fake stories (of course i can tell the ones which are TRULY fake)

Still love it though

The feature story is always a fake kinda-made-up one, or an interview. The news desk stories are ALL real, but made fun of mercilessly with jokes.

The snake, snake, snaaaaaaaaake joke made me laugh

You guys are brilliant; so glad the escapist has joined with LRR.

Though in my experiacne its always Linkseys that is unsecured.

I had an "accident" thanks to that "D-Link" joke!

Thanks guys!.

I don't buy the fact that anyone could find Yahtzee attractive.

I didn't know that women digged Yahtzee so much. It must be the hat... That's it, I'm getting a regular haircut and putting on mah trilby!

The last line made me laugh :)
'Kick, punch, it's all in the mind' x)

What system is this "book" on?

Kathleen is quite dreamy when finding others dreamy.
I didn't get the cut joke, guessing it's some lyrics I haven't heard.

As for the book, it might make me actually play a text adventure game as I haven't played any fictional ones for quite awhile.

Wait, was that last line a Parappa the Rappa reference?

My respect for you just skyrocketed.

Err... Whats Yahtzee gunna do if his book sells a fuck tonne and Dark Horse asks for a sequel?!

We will have a conflicted Yahtzee thats for sure.

ENN is always a must watch for me, and the "Square-One" joke at the end had me laughing for minutes!

He hee. Enjoyed the new 'swooning' Kathleen in this one, and the interview was actually really well worked I thought. (Didn't rely too much on the videogame-text adventure thing it started with.)

Ah ENN, you eat up my Wednesdays so frequently.

Can't wait to play the Text adventure!!!

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