Zero Punctuation: Darksiders

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This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Darksiders.

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Yahtzee sounded a bit angrier this review.

WoW, Portal and God of war thats three games in one not necessarely awsm but, at least it has that.

this game is nothing like god of war
your so silly!

quite a bit of rage there

Heh. Nice job Yahtzee. Speaking a bit faster and angrier now are we?

Yup.That was pretty accurate lol. I played through the game and intend on never touching it again. I should have just rented it. :(

Never let it be said that Yahtzee follows the trend of other reviewers.
And also never let it be said that it's not realllllllllly fucking satisfying when he rips the balls off a game you hate.

To be honest, I thought Darksiders was a PS3 only game. Now I know it's on 360, I'm skeptical. Thanks Yahtzee.

love the part of the fucking pistol wich shoots blue and orange portals awesome

So I guess this means we won't be getting a review of the new Dawn of War expansion...


I stopped playing bass for 5 minutes to watch this one,
this is truly one of his best.

Awesome loved the the rant about if he was War!

Good video I enjoyed it.

And please don't do all the other games. Or wear the hats...

" well bugger my bumblebee's bread bin"

best opening to a ZP ever, i couldn't stop laughing after that XD!

gr8 review as always

hehe "walking coral reef" XD

Another great episode, i was considering getting this as well.

I don't think any game will ever top God of War in its own genre.. Too much epic, too much violence, too much massively sadistic testicles... Yea, it's a good series..

There were a few quick time events, but very few and yeah there weren't that many giant boss fight either.

Hm... Far be it for me to agree with Yahtzee, but yeah, Joe Mad's art style has been in decline since his stint on X-Men many years ago. He was at his best during X-Men: Age of Apocalypse and then it all started to tumble...

A fantastic episode. I can't beleve they riped off so many games.

I love the monster tuck on legs bit.


Wow, we've already got a contender for quote of the year.

Wow. This is the first time in a while that I laughed this much at one of your videos. Good job.

I'm still looking into getting it, though. When I actually get a console that can play it.

Well, I'm still gettin' it!

And War does look totally badass!

I had hoped i wasn't the only one who had a slight flashing back of zelda, GoW and Portal. Aside from all those i really enjoyed the game

I had not haerd anything about portals...
that sounds good.
However I think you have turned me off this game for now anyway.

Haha, I laughed so hard for the last minute or so, Yahtzee, great job again my boy

That was pretty good, You seemed extra angry this week? I bet it has something to do with "Micheal"

Darksiders is perhaps a nod to other video games and others got it to the punch. I wonder if the next extra punctuation involves about random character artwork?

venting out alot of frustrations over this game eh? understandable since it rips off so many games. heh heh, wait till you play bayonetta which i still don't understand why reviewers praised it so much for "originality" while calling darksiders derivative

this was awesome made me laugh

Awesome loved the the rant about if he was War!

that was my favorite part

Well, I suppose I should be glad I am not buying that game...
Still, a good review, as always...
*Le Sigh*

Classic. This is going to be a fun month,

Tee hee. Definitely more re-watchable than some of the more recent reviews.

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