Escape to the Movies: Legion

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This week MovieBob takes a look at the apocalyptic "Legion".

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I would watch winged babies causing the Apocalypse.

Those "zombies" looked like they just ripped them straight out of I Am Legend

Come to think of it, I would like a cherub army. . .
Great as always!

Oh well, I guess I won't go and watch it, shame, it looked like a good bit of fun.

Holy crap, I never thought this movie could be any worse than I already though after watching the trailer... But it seems like it is! Ewww...

Well, so much for this movie. Not gonna watch it.


"Dude, angels are like God's black ops team!"


I think I love this guy. I look forward to Bob's videos more than anyone on the escapist.

LOL I did not have high hopes for this movie and I thought the best scene available probably got revealed in the trailer... The scene where Gabriel and Michael battle it out looked like it WANTS to be impressive, and the whole "flipping over his wings while locked in mortal kombat" thing did give me a tiny little shudder of adrenaline.

But I kept thinking that you can't base an entire movie around one snippet of a scene, so I'm rightfully going to assume this movie doesn't do a good job of anything else.

On a side note, when I first saw this trailer, I thought it was for Twilight Watch, a third film based on the Day Watch series of books which were really good and deserved a much larger budget and a better film.

Also, up until now, I was of the opinion that Dennis Quaid was impervious to making a bad film.

Nice job with the Warrior Nun Areala shot by the way, I doubt many people would catch that reference. As a San Antonian, I'm quite familiar with Ben Dunn and his work as the Godfather of American Manga. Kudos for that.

Okay, good. I thought you were taking a sideways dump on one of my favorite silly movies for a minute there, but "It worked in Prophecy" saved you from the flames.


After watching the trailer for this movie, I knew it that it's gonna be bad. As long as guns and violence is in place, people will watch it irregardless if it's related to religion or not.

First let me start with great movie review. I enjoy all of your reviews because I have similar options on the same movies. This movie really seems like it was half assed and another attempt at making money out of the 2012 end of days fear some people have, like the movie The Book of Eli.Secondly You showed a screen of Neon Genesis Evangelion, the Eva's are synthetic life forms in armor not giant robots... sorry to pull a nerd card there. Finally is it me or are more action movies coming out at the moment then any other movie genre?

Vast improvement over last week, very entertaining.

Can't say that I'm too surprised. Its one cliche stacked on top of another.

Nice impression of Bill and Ted by the way!

Not that I'm questioning his acting skill in particular, but has Dennis Quaid ever been in a good movie? I can't think of one he's been in that I found myself remotely interested in...

The actually story seems so much different from what i imagined it when i saw the trailer wtf. I was expecting a regular zombie movie or the baby is John Connor and must be destroyed except instead of robots there's demons.

I'll stay away then, thx Bob

I haven't really changed my opinion of this, I think I'll rent the DVD

I don't get why an angel would get the help of a bunch of cripple/drunk/old folks in such situation and not mercenaries or an army.

Great review, about "flying cute angel babies tearing people apart with their bear hands" there has been some chapters (the latests) on the Gantz manga where that actually happens, they are really statues of angel babies and there are some other cool statues too (it was set in rome), but it was badass.

See for yourself:


Also, up until now, I was of the opinion that Dennis Quaid was impervious to making a bad film.

Wasn't Quaid in Jaws 3D? That was a really bad movie.

I total agree with you about the needless forcing of religion into film,video Games,Comic and so on. I see many "artist" do this as a way to add "Edge" to what they are making without using any real intelligence.
you see I come from a Religions(Christan) upbringing and feel that sometime when this is done not only is it disrespectful but in many ways it just comes off as retarded (not that I can't differentiate from Fantasy and my own personal beliefs I can)

Also As A Christan I can say The Passion Sucked
It was 2 hours of sadist gore porn staring Jesus
set it in modern time and leave out Jesus and you would have Hostel

[quote="MovieBob" post="6.170216.4635385"]Legion

This week MovieBob takes a look at the apocalyptic "Legion".

Okay Moviebob you just earned some (more) gamer cred with me. I have to ask a totally unrelated question, and what that scene of the video game torture chamber is from? Is it an actual game, or a 'poster' type feature someone made to poke fun at the protests against gaming violence or something? I know enough obscure and independant games, where it somewhat bugs me when I don't recognize something, especially in the horror genere with me. Actually looks sort of like it might have been on the Apple II or even C-64 both of which I'm actually pretty familiar with :)

That said, I heard before the movie was actually released that the baby in Legion is basically Jesus. The central logic being held together by a "Dogma" like logic that god pretty much has to follow his own proclaimations. Jesus died for our sins and pretty much gave humanity a clean slate. God is all cheezed off at humanity (again) and among other things is trying to stop the second coming which would effectively force him to wipe the slate clean for humanity a second time. Admittedly this treads some extremely shaky theological ground even as a basic concept, due to the whole concept of a holy trinity and how Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost all interrelate. Certain questions like whether God and Jesus were the same, or if Jesus decided to reincarnate himself (making it Jesus and Michael, against God and Gabriel) were apparently not covered in the movie, nor was the basic concept. Kind of makes some of the discussions I had been in with other biblical apocolypse fans seem kind of silly.

That said, I do suspect you might be a bit biased against religious movies, although I've only seen you review two. Both of these movies seem like the kind of thing you would rave about otherwise. With this one for example (which I have yet to see) you compared it to a zombie movie, and honestly I kind of thought you LIKED zombie movies for some reason.

Okay, good. I thought you were taking a sideways dump on one of my favorite silly movies for a minute there, but "It worked in Prophecy" saved you from the flames.


Not a question of "shalt" you physically can't question him

Good review

I would watch winged babies causing the Apocalypse.

Maybe we should take up an internet petition here on The Escapist to send to "Huggies" to try and get them to produce it. At least it would be worth a laugh. I doubt the Escapist Management would do anything official on the site though even as a joke. :P

That said since I was just going off on wierd games due to my confusion over Moviebob's screenshot, there WAS a game called "Messiah" which had you taking on the role of a cherub that could possess people in a dark future. :)

this movie was over hyped to begin with and would another predicable million dollar waste of time film. thanks for re-enforcing my believes.

This prophecy, it's freakin' un-believable!

All hail the Walken!

I love the army of cherubs idea. The "angel in armor" idea does seem overdone, even if it is true to it's material. Although this movie sounds like it may be a good addition to "so stupid it's EPIC" collections.

Great work as always bob

In terms of interesting angel types, what I'd really like to see is not generic muscly winged dudes or cute baby cherubs with assault rifles, but the old-school angel types done right. You know, angels that are just big wheels of fire and eyes, or four-faced monstrosities. Not that this is any more original an interpretation than "angels are God's black ops" is, but at least this one hasn't been done with a decent budget yet.

In retrospect, I'm not sure if this was the post worth registering for.

tee hee hee, I love the bill and ted bits...

Well moviebob, at least you're fair enough to say both movies sucked. I, however, would like to think The Book of Eli is at least a little better in the following respects:

*It's a man-made apocalypse, and therefore carries more weight than a higher-power engineered one by reflecting more on human nature's self-destruction than the fickle nature of said power.

*The Bible really is that big of a deal. Back during the reformation, Luther stood up to the Papacy in how they were the only ones who could read the Bible and therefore could interpret it as they saw fit, which meant paid absolvements and such. If you hold the last Bible, you hold considerable leverage.

*If the Almighty really wanted to end it all, he'd rain down the fire and brimstone and disintegrate everything on the surface of earth, not send his Angels to carry out a holocaust.

*Last but not least, I really have a soft spot for these kind of Fallout-style apocalypse stories, where Man has to survive a post-apocalyptic world triggered by his own doing as opposed to God's (see first point).

Besides, I think it has more to do with where we come from as far as faith goes. It might be a catholic thing (I know plenty of lapsed, bitter Catholics like you), but my church life was relatively normal, and I have a very healthy respect for Christians as a whole despite their wrongdoings (FYI I was raised Adventist and am currently non-practicing). I'm not the least bit bitter of the whole thing whereas you are, and thus am more open to at least a movie advocating the spread of despite it's potential for abuse, something very important and that's inspired considerable goodwill towards all men.

Hell, it doesn't have to be a Bible, it could be a Buddhist Sutra or a Confucius text: I just like the idea better of one man saving a inherently altruist work than God starting the apocalypse out of his fickle nature. Read Twain's Letter's to Earth sometime, I liked it myself.

Besides, I have a very deep fear of Revelation. Maybe it's my aforementioned respect, but Revelation is the granddaddy of all apocalypses: where plague and nature ravage humanity while we're persecuting and warring against ourselves. That's one out of the two reasons why I dislike material like Evangellion, which also had the double-whammy of featuring batshit-crazy teens piloting mecha and fucking themselves over with their insanities. No thanks, I'm good.

wow, i can't wait for this.
i saw the trailer a while ago on rotten tomato, and thought it was just the most hilarious thing ever
*(in a bad way)

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