Rebecca Mayes Muses: Plants vs Zombies

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Good stuff, nicely done. Very chill. =]

That was really cool, I especially liked that electronic beat thing at the beginning. Definitely one of my favourites so far.

I thought that one was excellent. Much preferred it to COD Modern Warfare. Electronic theme with vocals nicely blended in the mix rather than heavily up-front. Superb.

Perfect length too (in this case). Great ending.

I completely sympathise with the feelings expressed about P v Z.

Would have been nice to see a few seconds of game footage, but the video was great.

More like this please!

Great work again.

yeaah... kinda sounded like it was only just beginning when the song ended... sorry :/

Can I have one of the Rebecca clones?

The expression where you ate the tree leaf was classic.

never heard of this game and as such the recognizible fun factor dropped massively.
A song about i game i have heard of, would be more enjoyable.

Wonderful choreography! It was so fun to watch! And now I'm going to be singing doo doo doo doo doo doo in a techno manner all night long.

Not too bad, given the already, wildly popular song for the game.

Cute. Very nice Rebecca, though PvZ already has a catchy themesong. Now it has two!

Could hear a Garageband loop in the background :/

Very cute and I thought it was a step up from the guitar hero song. But I still think Laura Shigihara's PvZ song is better.

I actually really like this one which is not something that I have said in a while.
Shame it was so short.

Nice. I really like the cuts in the "wall of sound".

Good one!

This has possibly the best zombie dance since Thriller, in my opinion :D

pure gold. Well done - again :D

You ruined my life Popcap!

That was quite different, not one of my favorites but good job, i look forward to next time.

I've never played Plants v. Zombies, and really had no idea what was going on in the video, but the song was very catchy. I thought the zombie dancing was excellent!

I liked but i couldn't hear your singing in this vid very well.

This is like a more creepy and offsetting version of the endgame song

I should likely feel stupid for thinking this, but when i look at the zombie, all i think is "Wow, someone likes jam". Jam is awesome though so i'm really not fussed and consider it a plus.

Is it at all possible to get these as an mp3, i'd be willing to pay just so i can feel all nice and warm inside, like when i have toast... with jam.

Brilliant! Not normally a fanboy, but I really did enjoy this quite a bit.

Thank yOU!


Musically, this has been my favorite one yet.

Rebecca's first song about The Sims 3 had the intangible charm of being about a video game but presented as a prayer to God. The intangible charm to it was how close the song was to an actual prayer. Here, she employs that intangible charm in (my opinion) its second (or third depending on your opinion of the Ghostbusters song) best effort in a song about a video game presented as a love song. The more songs with intangible charm like this, the better, in my opinion.

And Rebecca learns why, when she was a little girl, she was told not to eat strange plants she found in the woods, even if they looked tasty.:)

Glad the funny reaction was all that happened, though! There's some nasty plant alkaloids that cause far uglier things than just an intense bitter taste.

The opening zombie dance was pretty good. Makeup and the flower head looked great. Music wasn't bad but the lyrics weren't consistent with the theme. The video editing was a bit also a bit wierd.

It was a good video tho. I enjoyed it.

Wow these are getting sloppy. Generic samey music which is not even tied to the games anymore. The sims one was pretty cool since it was actually about the game. This could have been about friggin tetris or ridge racer.
This... this is just poorly constructed and rushed work. You need to loosen your schedule and put more effort back into your songs.
Oh and what the hell is up with the joker make up.

God I love the dancing!

Very nice song as well. Also I see you have the remnants of the Joker makeup :p

I've given the game a try and I have to say that it's so addictive. Plants vs Zombies is full of quirky gameplay and humour, I can see why Rebecca shows her affection for it. So much upgrades, can't ... choose ...

Damn, I really need to continue working on that Army of Two review if I want to ship it this Monday.

*points at Plants vs Zombies*
*Arnold style*

"I'll be back."

EDIT: I just played it some more and checked the Help section out of curiosity. I swear, I'm still laughing my buttocks off. Read it yourself:


Ok. 1 question.

How can I get that as my ringtone?

I have much love for this girl's music. I say it every time, but you should create and/or link to some more serious music of yours.

Wow well that song made totally no sense at all.

ok im glad im not the only one. Maybe its because i have no idea what this game is. Did like the dancing at the beginning though

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