Unskippable: Sonic Unleashed

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Sonic Unleashed

Evil robots are no match for a cartoon rodent that can run fast.

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Wow, that did look good concidering it was for a kids game.
Omg, i cant stop laughing at the tampon applicator :')

Flash! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. he'll save every one of us.

Somehow I just new you guys were going to make a referrence to the old cartoon opening.

Wow sonic has gotten alot grittier than I remember 0_0 (although the only one I ever played was the original). Solid work as usual.

So this was basically "Sonic IN SPAAACE!"?

I love the super sonic/super sayin joke
The giant tampon, and power rangers joke

I love sonic the hedgehog and for some reason is till want to play this game.

Eggman Land is dumb name

"oh no final fantasy:spirits within has awaken"
"I thought we sealed that movie inside the earth's core"

LOL at crash getting a gun. That just as dumb as giving.........oh wait they did do that with Shadow

What are you on about? Running fast fixes everything.

i like the name eggman

Deploy the giant tampon!!

lol. his moustache was amazingly detailed.

Hey, thats Sonic in space in HD. Awesome episode guys.

Is this Sonic game more playable because as far as I remeber Sonic is kid's game, like Mario.

Oh man it's Star Wars! lol I was waiting for the rebel alliance fleet to come blasting out of no where. Man Eggma... I mean Robotnic is getting pretty creative with his insane technology. and it's hogwolf. How is he breathing?! great stuff as usual.

tell me why is it until i watched this i wanted to burn that game and stop on it's melty furry ashes.

why did the onimushu-esque-ness make me want to play that!?!

Good episode

Wow, Paul was very bitter today.

He needs to balance more things on his head.

However, veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery funny. Better then usual.

I laughed hearing the "SATAM" theme.

Why for the love Robotnik are they trying to make Sonic dark and edgy? The first games were some of the most colourful games PERIOD.

Solid work.

It's a shame this game's script was so lacklustre, or else it might've been a good game. It also could've been better if Chip didn't exist. Ever.

'Having my fleet destroyed was part of my plan all along!'


Great episode guys!

Christ, when did Sonic games start taking themselves that seriously?

Also, the Final Fantasy remark was exactly what I was thinking at that moment. :3

When I actually played this, during this opening cutscene I heard you guys' voices in my head:

"Hey this is actually pretty cool."
"Yeah. Can we control it now?"

So I burst out laughing for no reason, during a serious cutscene XD

Also yes, I SO thought of Spirits Within!

No amount of running fast will save us now.

I'm really happy you guys do this. Otherwise, I never would've seen this cutscene. Wait...you bastards!

Great opening cinematic and great jokes from movie references.

Final Fantasy The Spirits Within reference was what I was thinking too.

Also, why did they have to rip off Dragonball Z with the whole yellow super-sonic thing. I thought that whole thing was just dumb.

hahah funny :D
(I seem very stupid now aaawww : ( )

I loved Eggman's "Whoaaa" comment.

I feel embarrassed for Sonic Team.

Oh, also: Robotnik > Eggman.

Great episode guys, perhaps one of my favourites. I'd totally forgot Unskippable was going up today, if I'm honest, so glad I checked back :)

Great episode.

But I feel the urge to point out that hedgehogs aren't rodents.

Nitpick-man awaaaaay!!

Unbelievably funny! And loved the "Spirits within" reference :D

Also, a sad sign of how crap Sonic has become these days - as Paul said, "Its really wierd seeing a muschette that wierd being rendered so realistically". So very true Paul; whatever happened to the simple cartoony graphics? I mean, TF2 has 'simple' graphics, and yet looks great, so why are they trying to render 'Eggmans' muschette.

Also awesome, the Sonic 'SatAM' reference - the only good thing to come from Sonic since Sonic 3/Sonic and Knuckles (whichever came last).


That intro was actually kinda cool... In a "nothing-like-the-game" way.

loved the Power Rangers remark well done guys.

haha, it's space how did he get there? He ran.

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