Indie Developer Showcase, Day One: Captain Forever

Indie Developer Showcase, Day One: Captain Forever

Today's indie game is a lesson in creative destruction.

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cool mang. I like this feature

Tom Goldman:
cool mang. I like this feature

me too, this is pretty shweet!

Man, that game is hard. I love it.

Just played ROM CHECK FAIL and it's surprisingly fun. Growing up playing those games probably helps, but it surprisingly worked.

very funny but really difficult!

Sadly I'm only able to get to 3 stars on red. I can't win against the purple ships. D:

This game is awesome. My ship got too bulky and didn't have enough power to turn itself.

TBH, I don't like Captain Forever. It seems to suffer from what amounts to poor design to me, but meh. It attempts to do something different, and I can't really give it flak for that.

I also played ROM CHECK FAIL. While fun, sometimes it's downright unfair. And choosing to limit the movement of the Space Invaders ship to just left and right was, again, poor design choice. Especially on the levels with those damn ghosts....*shudder*

Great to see this feature back again! :)

I like this feature; I hope to see more of it in the future. ROM Check Fail is a hilarious game. It was good to find out about some of the madness behind it.

That game is awesome! the build your ship with a blown up ships parts is just genius. But that game is HAAAAAAAARD. Oh yeah, and what happend to makeing your character move with the arrow keys? That is so much better.! you get 4/5!

I really like captain forever, made me think about spore, you know like, climbing up the ladder of power (couldn't think of something better, sorry) anyway i like it

Moar Polychromatic Funk Monkey!

I like it a lot, but make it a mission based game, not a sandbox game. And sometimes it's very hard to control that ship.
I would like to see game like this in game shops. I could even imagine that someone bought the rights of this game and made Wii version of it.

Wow, this is a great concept for a game. I love the strategy of building your ship and salvaging your opponents, and I realize that having to do this on the fly can make things more intense, but sometimes I wish I could have a bit more of a breather to make a more effective design. Difficulty ramps up pretty fast too, nasty purple ships...


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