Editor's Note: We Built This City

We Built This City

This week, The Escapist celebrates user-created content, from Counter-Strike maps to nude patches.

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Gosh. I still do re-enact movie scenes to myself sometimes ^^

Terrible reenactments?

Speak for yourself, Mr. "Kane" Pitts, my gritty docudrama remake of Toy Story was AWESOME

Even though it's sometimes a good thing, like the grappling hook, it can mostly cause immense amounts of annoyance at how irrelevant and obsolete user generated content is.

Big words were big 0.0

Light of the Warp rocked.

I first got into modding my games when I started playing Unreal Tournament. I tried coming up with a character skin or two but I never got the hang of the whole papercraft thing you laid it out on.
I probaly would've made voice mods for it but someone else had already made one for George Carlin and another for Pulp Fiction, so I didn't see the need.
If you remember, Cliffy B made many of the extra levels for that game.

I was again impressed when I popped UT3 into my ps3 and found out that I could mod the game in my console.

I remember Quake, though was never an avid player. Quake 2 however, I ruled that game. Sidewinder gamepad in one hand, trackball in the other. My Quake days died with number 3, though. I just hated the cartoons. (Much the reason I hate WoW and other games designed to appeal to toddlers, I just can't treat them as serious efforts in gaming.)

By the way Russ, I hate you now; I can't get that song out of my head.

Interesting timing - right as major companies are beginning to deliberately strip all possible user control *off* games such as Modern Warfare.

Rock on guys, great issue :)


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