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there are some games that are good on the iphone, some are complete crap. the iphone should only be used for casual games. games like assassins creed, doom, and mass effect dont lend themselves well to the iphone. on mine i have tetris, peggle, bejeweled, and pocket god.

Not your best but not bad.

Yes I am a proud user of an iPhone and have a lot of games.

Sure some are lame like Assassins Creed but then there are some great ones like Worms.

LOL!!!! Graham is playing Bejeweled and whatshername is playing Peggle.

Joooin uusssss.... ignorance is blissssssss....

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I love that cute dog in the background but he looked so sad he must know his master has joined the Iphone cult.

Kathleen is a hottie... that's all I'm going to say.

That was scary. Remind me never to buy an iPhone. BTW it sounded like somebody was playing Bejeweled.

I don't want an iPhone, i don't need an iPhone, I can still play Peggle on my computer, and I want to know what was so disgusting!!
Still funny though, I think I'll buy Heavy Rain...
powerdrill kills and stripteasing? AWESOME!!

I have a lot of ganmes on my iPhone... THAT I NEVER PLAY! seriously at first I downloaded a few (scrabble, bejeweled 2, pocket god) after a while though I just got bored. And I tryed that iPhone FPS... what was it called... anyway it was horrible as Matt, I mean Ryan said, "controls are buggy." I only play Bejeweled, and Sudoku now and only for maybe 2-5 minutes.
Anyway I enjoyed this week.


Anyways, very clever video guys. Honestly, my favorite part was probably the "Warcraft: Ride" bit. This is probably one of the best ENN episodes in a while.

Peggle noises!
That's all I need to boot it up again.

The evil which is peggle! So gooood!

The Iphone, solid proof that when you slap random shit together, people will buy it.

That's it, I'm not buying an iPhone.

Put down your iPhones, I want to know what was so disgusting.

Hear, hear.

And incidentally, that's a lovely top Kathleen was wearing. Very nice to look at.

Just saying.

iPhone will never compete with the DS.. the DS has pokemon...

The dog totally stole the show.

Also I'd just like to say how much I love the name Ryan Quickbender. I always laugh whenever he is mentioned.

imma just stick to my old gameboy.

Is true, some of the games are a bit addicting, but a life saver on long journeys

Is it sad that I know what games Graham and Kathleen are playing just by the sounds?

Bejeweled and Peggle, BTW.

Peggle and Bejewelled FTW!

Jeremy Petter
I still think Ryan Quickbender is a HIlarious name.

The ending to that was actually hilarious.
Sharp writing and wit like that is why ENN is probably the funniest thing on the Escapist, and why I don't watch Game Dogs.

You know what was the biggest name is gaming before IPhones? TI-84 calculators. Man everyone had one and played tetris or breakout.

Oh hell yeah. It was the best way of appearing to be working in class.

B-b-b-but ENN is the very opposite of haptic! THIS COMEDIC INTERNET SHOW HAS LIES! LIES AND TRICKERY!!!!

Even the dog looks scared of the iPhone and its ability to brainwash dumbasses.

Brilliant episode :) the dog behind jeremy petter was incredibily cute.

Haha, good points made about iPhone, that thing really doesn't do... much...


Also, the TI-84 was a great way to learn the basics of programming.

(See what I did there?)

Nice vid. And also...

Doraleous tomorrow!!!! WHAAAAAAGH!

One of them we're playing peggle, I could hear it!

It's like that episode of the X-files I just watched...

Dear god, it's happening again! It's here people! we have to kill it!

Save yourselves!

Man, I'm way too broke to own an iphone. Or a Droid, rather; I'd never buy an iphone because AT&T's service sucks the big one.

I do own a DS though. Good times.

Oh, and Graham needs to comb his cowlick.

=/ yeah, i still don't find this funny, which is odd cause other satirical news show like 22 minutes, royal canadian air farce, rick mercer, daily show, and the colbert report i've liked
obviously because they use politics for jokes rather than gaming news ...huh

*off to find his TI- 83*

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