Game Dogs: Episode Three: Mr. Yee

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Episode Three: Mr. Yee

Mr. Yee tells the team his idea for a new game.

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I think I'll give it one more week. Before deciding my final opinion.

A satanic game, ey?

That episode of Ah! My Goddess comes to mind...

Good episode guys!

Yes, I think I am very much starting to like this series.

Mr. Yee seems more laid-back than Gary... if a pretty big 'Cloudcuckoolander' and otherwise totally clueless... And somewhat sexist... I;m not really sure what to make of him.

So, a Satan-worshiping game set in Antarctica... yeah, that might not work out too well.

meh decent, think you should stick to doing fun about the gaming industry, not general office jokes like the absent-minded office boss.

This one turned out good. Rock and or Roll music LOL

Best one yet guys.

Ha Ha Ha

This one made me LOL.

Can't wait till the next one.

"Oh! Let's also make it about Antarctica! I've always wanted to there!"

This episode has been better than the rest so far guys, good job :)

Finnally a charactor and episode that's funny.

Did I hear both an -snip- Mario (Chet's idea) and a Dante's Inferno reference in that episode? I'm kind of doubtful with that first one, but it doesn't hurt to ask about things like this. These are starting to get better, but I'm not really knowing what to expect, exactly. After all, you mentioned that this was focused around the 1980's, and I wasn't born then.

It was okay, I guess. I'll give it a few more episodes until I make up my mind.

Now, was I imagining it in my head or did I faintly hear voices in the background during the first half of the episode? I don't know if it is meant to add to the ambience of the office, though. If it is: I love it that you're thinking of tiny details such a these.

I love Mr. Yee, he's hilarious

Though he'd be funnier as a British Churchill-style bulldog. He sounds far too young for my liking.

Imagine, in Churchill's voice: "Gravy! Remind me to spend some money today!"

Followed by a General Haigh Stephen Fry "Myooaaaaaaah!"

Usually I give a show three episodes before I decide whether or not I am going to continue watching it. But shows on the escapist tend to start a little slow so I will give it one final week. Overall this show is still not very funny or interesting.

Okay, Mr Yee was cool. But again the main characters manage to be unfunny and well... soulless. Which is okay if you have to make a satanist game, I guess.

Ha, this one was pretty good.
I suppose it is still getting into its stride, and if this is one of the growing steps on the way, I can hardly wait for the fruitation of this show.
Wait... what did I just say?
Sorry, I don't know what came over me.

..... I actually giggled.

Still, the episode dragged on for way too long and lost its funny rather fast.

Not many chances left now

It's definately getting better. =]
That music is working its way into my skull...


"You like my idea?"

"No, it's dreadful! But I've just remembered my idea, which is excellent! DEVIL WORSHIP!"

I don't know why I still watch this crap. ow well, gave it 3 chances

Oh god, that was tortuous. I think you really need to spend more time on these things before they approach anything resembling funny.

Now this was a good episode.

Great job guys.

Meh I'm still not sold on it. It reminds me allot of Code Monkeys but not as funny and there were allot more gamer jokes in Code Monkeys.

The series is growing on me.

Satan + Antartica = Hell Freezes Over. That could be an interesting game.

Still not funny in any way. But at least I'm interested in the plot.

Hopefully they create the game and it actually is put on this site. That'd be awesome!

Think, a devil cult, in antarctica murdering seals. Sounds absolutely my kind of game.

After the 2 first episodes I was a bit like "Meh, why bother", but watched this anyway... And this was better than the first 2.

Let's see next week.

I liked mr yee... i find bethany slightly annoying.. sorry.

3 strikes and your OUTTA HERE!! not for me im afraid

I though perhaps it would get better with time but it's still dreadful for me.

I'll go watch Dorealous instead.

I wasn't much on this week's episode. The others were OK, but I didn't like this one. I'll give it another week before I make a judgement.

Mr. Yee kinda of looks like Steve Jobs and his characetr was sorta like his as well (or a parody of it). Wonder if it was intentional and comical reference to it ... If not forgot what I said

It made me laugh a bit. Good going guys.

Also, where can I get that game?

(hint hint: with the amount of related media you keep making, might as well make a game about Satan worship in Antarctic)

Meh I'm still not sold on it. It reminds me allot of Code Monkeys but not as funny and there were allot more gamer jokes in Code Monkeys.

Good I'm not the only person that thought that!

This episode was really bad in my eyes. Too many "the boss is slow" jokes and I don't get why they established in the last episode the game they were going to make if this episode they are apparently doing something else.

If you are making a show about gaming you need to joke about gaming in it. All I saw was a mario refrence and girls don't play games stereotype.

Rapidly losing intrest in this - best thing was the comment response video

So far Mr. Yee is the only character I really like in this series.

Yeah, I think three chances is more than enough. Sorry guys but I've given this show more than enough time to pick up and it hasn't.

The show is getting better. But having Chet pitch a game idea for a pre existing game is one of the lamest running gags I have ever encountered. It wasn't funny the first time he did it, and repetition is not going to make it any better.

I do like the idea of management making high level decisions based of a misinterpretation of an article they once read. I can actually relate to that.

I'm going to keep watching this series hopefully this episode will mark an upturn in quality.

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