Zero Punctuation: Bayonetta

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This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Bayonetta.

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Super :) Haven't played Bayonetta yet, but Yahtzee's great as always.

Sarah Palin is my favourite video game character.

Hilarity at its finest!

Not going to play it but good to know!

I'm rubbing myself off to it as this plays. Wait, no i'm not, but i wish i was.

I found the demo for this to be absolute hell so i won't be a getting this.

That was fun you did it again but she looks preety hard to draw

Good epidode long legs indeed

I had doubts about this game from the demo and you have sold me to not get it.

Wait you complain about the things in the last game, and now this game has things different you complain about it too? *sigh* I liked this game, just not on the PS3.

I have to say I agree with this wholeheartedly. I was as confused as Yahtzee is as to what the hell I was watching. But I'll be honest. I was pretty damn entertained.

Then I was mad because I got the "stone medal". Screw you, game! I beat you! Isn't that sufficient?

Thank god he picked up on the QTE's!!!
When i was playing i was raging like a ape that has just been given a suppository of spider eggs.
So thank you Yahtzee for mentioning the QTE's are shit!!!!

Funny as hell tho.

Extraneous arsehole. Heh.

That's "argh" noise was pretty funny.

Nice job Yahtzee. Not as angry as last review.

I enjoyed Knights...Nights... Whichever. Great Show

Hmm, clothes flying off in battle?

excellent review, Yahtzee is as hilarious as always, I might pick up Bayonetta now, I had enough fun with the demo

LOL at "giraffe being a pole dancer"

lol at Bayonetta humping the shark

I was on the fence on this game.

Then after Yahtzee's classic review....I'm still on the fence.

i thought he'd have more bad things to say not a bad review :)

I was wondering if ZP would Review Bayonetta anytime.
ROFL at the QTE ramble, it's a classic in ZP, also the brain dead when explaining the plot of Bayonetta and Pacman =D

That review was the breast!
I mean best...
Seriously, best review in a while

Now review God Hand yahtzee!!

*jumps up and down*

Oh my god, did he ACTUALLY LIKE IT? or did I misread the entire boob... I mean review?
My friend says Bayonetta actually is fun... don't think I'll buy it though.
Tan-fucking-fastic! I LOL'd at that :D

That Pac-Man reference was hilarious. He got the game down to a T.

So, essentially, Bayonetta is Stonking Lame Tits? Got it.

The 'Arghghh" at the Pacman story is beyond hilarious.

really nice episode.

loved it.

monty python references!

Seems like... you liked it? I really can't tell, but whatever. Hilarious nonetheless.

I was wondering though, you say that you hate it when Kamiya puts his action sequences in cutscenes, but how about when God of War does the "pseudo QTE" where you watch Kratos kill the enemy, but never actually do it? It's like a fighting game's grab combos in my opinion; press Block+Punch to "throw" someone and not really interact until the whole complex throw animation is over.

And while it seems like you played the PS3 version with long loading times, it's been a general consensus that the 360 version was the lead platform, whereas Bayonetta on PS3 runs at almost half the framerate.

Looks to me like an average hack n' slash and seeing as that is not my cup of tea, I'll pass. Great vid though, hilarious as always and right on the money at nitpicking it to death ^^

First review I've laughed properly at in a while if I'm being honest. The Pac man bit was awesome :).

Yeah so speaking of shameless sex appeal how about Record of Agarest War.

Kotaku says more than I ever really could so link

Yeah. That just happened.

Love the vid and oh my god no one's been put on probation this week, it's a new record!

This is a very funny review.

He is right about the sex innuendo's and sex related things of sexy sex stuff in that there is a lot of it. But with that aside the combat was fun until the harder difficulties when you just barely make it through the level by the skin of your ass and instead of congratulating you the game says "sorry you didn't complete it the way we wanted you to Stone award...and a Joe Pesci sounding guy named Enzo"

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