Indie Developer Showcase, Day Three: Flywrench

Indie Developer Showcase, Day Three: Flywrench

Get ready to snap your keyboard: Today's game is a platformer where you die the moment you touch the ground.

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Frustrating gameplay is not fun.


Frustrating gameplay is not fun.

AKA: "I hate to lose."

Personally Flywrench was the perfect kind of frustration (like I Wanna be the Guy) where, sure, you die a lot but still come back for more, just to get past that one screen. Big thumbs up for this one.

Aye, agred.

Its Frustrating but I want to pass through it!

I's not so much "don't touch the ground" as it is "don't touch anything... ah and you are falling all the time"
Excellent idea, right now I´m suck on the third level of earth. I would have liked some better music tough =/

Flywrench is one of my favorite indie games. When I beat it, I sent Messhof a mail saying "I loved Flywheel." He didn't reply.

Great. Made it through, but expected it to be more difficult, to be honest.

Very good game, either way. Thumbs up.

I just can't make myself like it.
Think I'll go back to CaptainForever...

Oh man, I'm pretty sure I could feel my eyeballs oozing out of my head as I watched that Randy Balma video. Still tempted to check the game out, though. Someone stop me before I inadvertently commit suicide by sensory assault. In any case, I haven't played Knifewrench (I'm so witty) yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

captain forever is the best so far...

Very Relaxing! The Noise soundtrack helps put you in a zen-like trance. Unless you're not into that sort of thing which can only lead to panic, followed by death. (and alleged keyboard snapping.) This is definitely my favorite, it earned a permanent shortcut on my desktop.

Blah blah blah! look at me I'm a big man that beat a videogame and avoid real meaningful challenge in life. The peoples finding those things fun are just managing their own child abuse.

98% game developers are emotionaly retard. That is why they keep making the same crapy empty games for nerds.

I don`t win or lose anything watching a movie but i'm still entertained. That argument is just moot.

Woah, I would suggest you shape up here and not do what you just did, or else you wont get very far on here. Lesson here, don't flame, don't act immature, and don't do what you just did.


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