Escape to the Movies: Edge of Darkness

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Edge of Darkness

This week "MovieBob" finds "Mel Gibson" at the "Edge of Darkness".

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Hell, Mel Gibson is one of my favorite actors so no matter what anyone says, I'ma gonna watcha me some edge of darkness! I found that intro to be HAlarious

I Fucking love Ray Winstone. he's the daddy (obscure british Holstein beer commercial)

wasnt too sure about this since Mel gibson got on the last train to crazytown but I'm sold now

Thanks Bob

A solid review of a movie I wasn't interested in before now, bookended with great comedy.

Nicely done, Bob!

aw, I was totaly pumped for the discussion of family dynamics! That papa bear has is comming, macho son of a... Anyway- I'm dissapointed you didn't go further with that, tease.

was never interested in this movie, saw the trailer when seeing "the men who stares at goats" and all the trailer could invoke in me was an "Ehh, i can always watch taken again", and despite your favorable review i think i have just lost all interest in revenge-action-thriller-detective movies.

I was hoping this would be good. I'm glad it was.

This was an especially good review, got quite a few laughs out of it.

Any chance you'll give in to popular demand if enough people profess their desire to hear the deconstruction of the Berenstein Bears? I've gotta admit, one of my favorite things about your reviews has to be the tangentially-related rants about underlying meanings.

Good little review. I guess I can say I'm looking forward to seeing it now (even though I'm gonna wait until it hits the local cheap cinema so I only have to give it's international box-office total a measly $2 CAD).

Great opening gag! I'm still giggling over it.

Good reveiew, I may go check this out in the near future. Thank you and good day.

I want the Barenstein Bears Treatise!

Omega Hunter 9:
I want the Barenstein Bears Treatise!

As do I.

Since you used the word "cliche" like 40 times in reviewing the Book of Eli (which really didn't feel that way at all to me), and gave it a half-nod regarding Avatar (which was generous), I'm rather expecting you to be consistent in your criticism of cliches.

So why give a complete pass on The Military Industrial Complex as the big baddies here? That has been _done_to_death_. It was old in the 80s when this was a miniseries, and it surely hasn't gotten fresher with time. In fact, I'd be challenged to find a time when there wasn't a movie in the theaters doing the same thing. At least State of Play put an interesting spin on it.

Granted I haven't seen it yet, so maybe this has some interesting twist too. But I need another 50 tote-Bible-across-the-apocalypse movies before it's anywhere near the cliche that this is.

I was expecting this movie to be a winner. Mel Gibson may have a twinge of crazy in him, but the man is talented.

I'll check it out.

Mel Gibson is a bit of a crazy horse.

Maybe that's why he's such a good actor and director.

Mel Gibson will remain Madmax to me... Always...

Mel Gibson...
Lost track of my point... anyway, it was funny but doesn't seem like my kind of movie. Funny last bit though. keep it up MovieBob!:)

Are you contractually obligated to make your videos a certain length? If you run out of things to say, just end it right there.

this is probably my favorite video segment on this site. And to have megaman on there, I think the exact way they protray him in MM4(though do they do it for all of them?) was awesome.

I might look into it.

A solid review of a movie I wasn't interested in before now, bookended with great comedy.

Nicely done, Bob!

Indeed! I might have to catch this at some point now

As much as I didn't like The Patriot, Gibson did what he does best. Play a revenge-seeking BAMF.

Not as tired of religion related movies as of moviebob ranting about religion related movies.

Good thing they cut him off at the end, I was afraid I'd have to reach through the screen and kill him.

Mel Gibson will remain Madmax to me... Always...


No mention of PAYBACK, I'm surprise!
This was simply the best revenge story after the Count of Montecristo.
Plus the fact that, Porter (Gibson in Payback) is not looking for clue and simply beat the crap of people to get answers!
When I first saw the trailer for Edge of Darkness, I couldn't help but felt like I had seen Gibson in a similar movie, and I might be right!
Ok, I admit, the motivations aren't the same, but the result is!

Sweet intro.
These are probably the most solid and intelligent movie reviews outside of the New Yorker, and hands down the funniest.

Mel Gibson does always put himself 100% into his project, say what you will about Passion of the Christ but Gibson was clearly committed to his vision of it. Apocalypto was also a very strong R-Rated adventure film in my mind.

He recetly said he's got the acting bug back so this movie looks like a good way to kill 2 hours. Mels future is optimistic.

He forgot Ray Winstone's role in "King Arthur." What? Sure it was a shitty movie, but it had some of the best fight scenes I've ever seen in anything. Other than Tristran, Bors (Winstone) was the best part of that movie.

Oh, and also...


For all the Mel Gibson bashing that invariably happens, you can't argue with the fact that he was the Road Warrior, thus a million times cooler than any of his detractors.

Hey whats that red picture that flashes at 2:47? says June 9, 1990... It's part of the movie right?

I liked the original series and I'd appreciate it if anyone could tell me how closely this movie sticks to it.

Always fun to watch your reviews there MovieBob.Loved the Sherlock Holmes one, actually i loved all of them...
On an off-topic :


Holy effin cr*p, if it doesn't kick ass someone is going to die...seriously! (obviously i'm not serious :) )

Wasn't really interested in this one, but maybe I'll give it a shot.

mel gibson may be farther off the edge than courtney love but if theres one thing he knows, its storytelling. alot of people dont give him credit for that, but if you need a good example, check out apocolypto

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