Unskippable: Darksiders

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If this cutscene has taught me anything, it's that in the event of an apocalypse, you should actually evacuate instead of watching the evacuation on TV.

You made me feel a little nerdy for knowing zeppo when the four horsemen showed up. Nice job otherwise. I think this one's a record for most one-liners.

I loved The Romance of the Three Kingdoms quote

Good work as ever guys

Man, I miss Bernie, too.

The Charred Council is voiced by the Cave of Wonders and his two brothers XD

Nice to see Russell again
Good episode

when i played this i preferred not to think about the story...

and has any1 noticed, how can demons fall from the sky? unless heaven and hell are both in the sky which is awkward...

Nice episode. I loved the Lost Planet reference.

"This isn't slow-motion. I just can't move very fast in this outfit." XD

Wilhelm scream at 03:40 =)

"Haha, you fell for the old cut-you-in-half-with-my-sword trick. Works every time." Awesome =P.

Not as fun as some episodes, I guess the intro was a little too good to make fun at, at points.

Is it just me or did the angels in that game look like something out of Warhammer 40K?

ugh how about either Army of Two games
great plays (well, the second more so than the first), but the cutscenes are unskippable to the point of aggravation arrrg

HUH! Arthus!

Lol, great espisode as always.

No, i dont think they said Arthus, i think it was Arthas like the guy from Warcraft. (Best Warcraft chracter EVER!)

Good episode guys. Love the Lost Planet Reference!

Is it me, or there was a "Guards!Guards!" reference?

I note the Get Smart-style trick at 4:35. Very clever.

Something I've always wondered: how do game characters like Cloud or War lift their huge meant-to-be-badass swords with one hand? The swords must be seriously unbalanced. Either the blade is hollow or the hilt is ridiculously heavy.

I've been waiting for you guys to do this.

FINALLY. someone said that War looks like arthas!

game sucks donkey dick, funny unskippable as always, way better than the game...

...becouse it sucks donkey dick

And yet, is there a game where you actually play as a crow? Someone needs to Canada make one!

Don't you mean...Canadamn?

Ok, first we have a plethora of theologically head crushing movies and now a theologically head crushing game?! Cmon.....even Constantine was more understandable than this!

Of course from this day forward I must start using the phrase "What in Bostons name"

I take Canada's name in vain all the time. Ha great.

I am so glad I have not invested money in that game, nor have I played the demo. Now I never will.

My favorite unskippable so far.

My friend told me to watch this because it was funny. Well I must say unskippable is not funny and I will never watch another episode again a retard could make a funnier video than these guys

I'm desperately waiting for them to do Dante's Inferno to crack another Russel joke.

So, we finally find where the "Left" Hand of Doom has been this time.

But wait, if the Right Hand of Doom is the "key" to Armageddon, and then would that make the Left Hand of Doom the "Gate"?

And it's in the possession of a Horseman of The Apocalypse?

Am I the only one that gets the 5 minute escapist advertisement video playing every time I try to play this one? I didn't mind that video, quite cool actually, however after seeing it I wanted to actually see this week's unskipabble...but alas I got nothing but that ad video again.

I think I'll start saying "What in Brazil's name is that?" as well.

Hah, nice work guys, this might be your best one yet! Loved all the references (especially the Marx Brothers one), and the comment of how big a theological headache this game is.

Dude, you missed a prime Wilhelm Scream.

Forgive me, but the "Russell" reference is going straight past me. Reference?

I am so very confused by this cutscene and the plot I've gathered so far.

Russell is immortal.

Forgive me, but the "Russell" reference is going straight past me. Reference?

Russell Crowe is a relatively famous actor from Australia. Whenever a crow shows up in a cutscene, they refer to it as "Russell". The implication is that it's the same crow doing all the crow cameo's in the different games.

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