Unskippable: Darksiders

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Funny episode guys, keep them rolling out!

"It's Arthas!"

lol that's exactly what I said when I played this game.

Love the lost planet reference.

I almost want to play this game now. All the characters are out of proportion, War looks like a giant football hooligan, Shoulder pads that are mismatched, He looks like he has pouches somewhere on the body and his body appears to be 12 heads tall, instead of the normal 7 1/2. He has a big ass sword and the greatest super power ever: Guns.

Wow, to blatantly rip off, Linkara, "Dangerous amounts of the 90's wrapped up in one character."

Yeah, the biggest case of overdesign to date.

lol, that was TOTALLY Arthas. No doubt about it.

*sigh* Burnie would know!, *sniff* so good at surrounding.

THis game is acctually not that bad. I really liked it and am looking forward to the sequel.

Maybe Russel secretly IS God. That would explain why he doesn't stop the fighting and what happened to Abaddon's eye (crows like to eat eyeballs). Plus, who wouldn't want a cyborg-bird-god?


Also, if those are angles, why the hell are they bleeding?

Nice episode, but the game looks like a total mess!


Also, if those are angles, why the hell are they bleeding?

Indeed, angles rarely bleed. Angels, on the other hand, are subject to less concrete rules.
Anthropomorphic measurements fighting each other would have improved the game tremendously.

Canada has a name you can take in vain? Learned something new today


I absolutely loved this game!
It was Legend of Zelda plus the Legacy of Kain games, with a a little Shenmue QTE thrown in for good measure.
Can't wait for Darksiders II.

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