Stolen Pixels #165: The Next Big Thing from Apple!

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Stolen Pixels #165: The Next Big Thing from Apple!

It's easy to see where Apple is going from here.

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I just have to laugh (silently, I'm in a library at the moment) at this one.
It would be brilliant if this came true... and the pictures are funny enough :D
This was a good one... hehehehe...

Ha, we won't laugh when this becomes the future!

Till then "tee hee hee".

Predictions of an Apple future. I used to have an Ipod and the thing lasted many years before it croaked. I'd buy more Apple things, if it wasn't so damned expensive to buy

What would that monstrosity be called?

I never thought of it like that. Maybe that's the real reason why I could never get into the DS. Those tiny little buttons and that tiny little stylus cramp up my gigantic John Bonham hands.

And as far as touch screens go, I have such a hard time operating one of these, let alone something like this. I don't know how the technology works, but it's so damn stubborn that it absolutely refuses to pick up my fingers. I guess touch screen capability is only meant for those with soft, slender and delicate fingers, rather than calloused "Orc hands" as you so colorfully put it.

That was pretty funny, however the sinister implication of the iPhone becoming more powerful troubles me.

Nice editing.
Can't wait for 2014.

First off, the joke is hee-la-ri-o-us. Bravo!

And second off - i'm kinda like you, Shamus. I don't even have a mobile phone of any kind, but that's only because i don't need it.

It's totally true.

Okay, this one made me laugh out loud... literally. My Apple-fanboy colleague also appreciates it.

What would that monstrosity be called?

2001, the i-Odyssey?

What would that monstrosity be called?


My god, man. You should be in the papers. SO awesome.

Your story about Macs is 100% like mine, lol.
Good graphic gag too ;)

More of this, no more LoTR please. Those latter ones are too long to be punchy enough, sorry.

And Steve Jobs will still be saying in 2014 how wonderful, magnificent, beautiful and fantastic his new device is. And no one will notice that he's losing mare and more hair.

Quickly, we must stop Steve Jobs!

My thoughts exactly. I have a computer, and a cheap 20€ mobile phone that is able to do telephone calls and nothing else. Oh, wait. The mobile phone has an integrated little flashlight which is useful to check out PC interiors.

As far as I'm concerned, most Apple products are trendy gadgets and status symbols that you only need once you have them.

So true.

I can't believe the crap Apple puts out and whats worse... people actually buy it!

*blinks* *searches*

Shamus, where is this high-score you speak of photoshopped into the comic?

What would that monstrosity be called?


Ever notice that Steve Jobs always dresses like a cult member? I suppose it's because he is one, or at least the leader of all his iBots.

hehe awesome. wouldnt suprise me like :D

This is awesome! Nice one, Mr. Young. It's funny because it's true.

And I wouldn't be surprised if they released an iBoard. It would be like a SmartBoard for businesses and school but a giant iPod that costs $10,000.

I think Apple's going to call it: i Can't Afford It

What would that monstrosity be called?

Or, to remain classic, the iFail

And they get more "magical and revolutionary" as time goes on...

(I still can't believe they used that phrase to introduce an oversized iPod.)

I laughed harder than I laughed in a while.
Good job.

On a slightly serious note, if they manage to bring it out in a size that could be used on a table or desk (of course, highly scratch ..etc. resistant), I might even consider getting something like that.

Imagine having a table that you can use for board games, throw up some news, tv (hopefully iTable supports Flash). Of course it would have to allow several windows which each user may orient to their liking.

The Microsoft D&D table demo looked quite nice, but I dislike the idea of having a seperate computer around to feed information to that thing.

I prefer the iPotato to the iPad.

love this.
and a name? the iMat!

2014 = The iWall?

Very good my boy.

2014 = The iWall?

Very good my boy.

Dont let Apple see that!!! lol

This one was pretty good. I haven't bought any Mac products either because I don't listen to music or talk to people enough.

I prefer the iPotato to the iPad.

Agreed :o And the iTakingUpAnEntireRoom is probably going to be incapable of multitasking!

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