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<3 to the LRR crew and the good stuff they keep putting out. (would the Lady Kathleen put the cat ears on in a future episode if i ask nicely? please...pretty please? *grovel*)

I seriously approve this! +1 vote from me : )

Another great episdoe guys and girls, i'm enjoying Matt Wiggin's appearance as the "Industry Expert" more and more! Definitely seems to be getting into his stride. Blackcurrant and lime slushies sound bloomin incredible! Was that a concept you came up with or do you actually have those in Canada? Also Guildford is 20 minutes down the road from me! (My new claim to internet fame)

Don't come on too strong, people might start to suspect I'm paying you to say those things.


liked it a lot

I'm so glad it's low-sodium. I just couldn't use anything with high sodium content.

Also, it was pretty funny.



I love knowing inside LRR jokes. It makes me feel awesome.

Yaay! Graham actually combed his hair this time!

But seriously though, looking forward to "The Last Story". That is to say, looking forward to see exactly how "different" it's going to be from Final Fantasy.

Maybe they'll release it on December 21, 2012, just as the world is coming to an end. Then it really will be the "last story". Ha!

Lady Kathleen:

Why did Kathleen use lipstick from the blood of her vanquished enemies?

I'm not sure! I watched the video and went "yikes!" - it doesn't help that I'm almost as pale as Kratos anyhow. Everyone can be sure that particular shade of lipstick will not be coming back. Yetch.

It would also have to involve killing more of your enemies...which may also take up valuable time.

Realised I didn't comment on the episode, thought it was great as always.

Hahaha! "What colour is your f***ing fish drawing now, motherf*****!"
Damn good episode.

I hope Milo gets help soon. But I don't like him anyway.

As I'm getting messages about being rude I shall be constructive in my criticism.

Ok, the idea is a good one and has alot to work with, however, I simply find that each episode is droll and the jokes come out flat and expected, leaving me with nothing to really laugh at. It's not so much bad as it is predictable. Humor needs unexpected twists or jokes that haven't been used 50 times. Also the acting is just monotone and in no way relatable. Spice things up!

As for Unskippable, it has a gem every now and then ("You came by helicopter?" Voiceover: "I know that because I saw you just jump down from a helicopter") but for the most part the jokes are just badly placed and silly. If I was in my teens or pre-teens I might enjoy it, but as I'm looking for better constructed humor, I have a feeling of emptinesss while watching. Sometimes you point out silly things in th trailers instead of just using them as part of the joke. Your audience is mature enough usually to pick up on the joke, they don't need you pausing to say "Wait, so X is Y, but Y is not X?" I got it, I dont need you to fill time by pointing it out more so.

There's your constructive criticsm

I would try and feel sorry for FF7 fanboys but really, they bring it on themselves.

Nice C:SOTN quote guys
and nice epilogue tie-in to it, too :D



But anyway, what was the cookie joke at the end?

when you give blood you get a cookie and some juice afterward.

Lvl 64 Klutz:

Tell me about it. Those two times took FOREVER. The computer cheated so much. Grrrr. Blitzball.

But anyway, what was the cookie joke at the end?

Blood donors are usually given some kind of snack when they're done donating, usually in the form of a cookie.

Ah, thanks guys! I either haven't given blood in so long or just haven't given blood period (it would have to be when I was but a wee lass) that I didn't know what that was about. Thanks!

I've got to admit, that Last Story joke has to be the funniest Final Fantasy related joke I've ever heard!

Anyone else pause on the orgy picture?

That was pretty funny, I'll have to start watching some of the other videos in this series.

ha! take that, Milo... you potential rapist....

Sorry, but that kid "freaked me the hell out" when I first saw project Natal :P

Great ENN, lads!

Anyone else pause on the orgy picture?

What? No... never... *shifty eyes* I pressed screenshot! lol
(kidding, kidding)
Priceless shot of Milo, that :P

The first three quarters of this episode were fantastic. The only problem I had was the stuff after they switched off of "Milo's friend" to that other dude... after that the funny sort of went out the window IMO (with the exception of that joke about the Master Chief and Friends thing.)

they should really stop making those terrible jokes leave the the joking to ZP and Unskippable y'know the comedic videos

I think the baby Halo reference good be a reference to the Lego ripoff company Mega Blocks making a Halo toy line. x

I love this episode. Really gets me laughing every time I watch it.

Lvl 64 Klutz:

Blood donors are usually given some kind of snack when they're done donating, usually in the form of a cookie.

That's pretty ceap. Here in Germany they give you free sandwiches, coffee and cola to get your circulatory system up and running again. First timers also get a small 'thank you - welcome' gift.


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