Zero Punctuation: Dark Void

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Dark Void

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Dark Void.

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Yeah...I wasn't too hot on Dark Void, and now I know I won't play it at all. Jetpacks sound fun though.

Huh, the game ddin't sound so bad. I think I'll get it when the price comes down or something.

pretty good yahtzee, shame that the game was way to short, i've seen other games like that, and when are you going to review mass effect 2 if at all?

nice review. and dont take the piss outta julia roberts shes lovely!!!!

I remember playing the demo... It was shite-tastic.

the jetpack might make me buy it now

Good review i'll probably not get it thou.

Yes... I DO Remember that bit.

I remember seeing some development videos about this game about a year ago. I am disappointed that it did not turn out too well (how could a game with a jetpack turn out so poorly.

I was really looking forward to Dark Void a first, then i saw actual gameplay =(

Oh god ROJO has slipped into the escapists review staff! ABONDON SHIP!
Haha that was pretty funny. The Inspiration meter was a nice touch. I think it's about time for another lymeric though.

Great review, loved the christmas tree bit.

Great review. I liked how you choked on "cinematic". I might think of getting this.

THANK YOU for once again knocking Too Human. I've been calling it the worst game of the decade for about a month now and some people seem to think I'm crazy. SPREAD THE WORD.

Well what do know? I predicted this game would be mediocre suck and it is.
Jetpack stuff is still fun though.

So too Human is supposed to be Yahtzee's worst game he reviewed?

Interesting I thought there were a lot worse games he did but yeah Too Human is incredibly badly made.

Great review. I might consider buying it a year later when the price jacks down just to fuck around with the jetpack. (incidentally i replay the missions in Half Life 2 when you're completely motionless and you see a shit load of amazing things.)

One more box on the underachiever pile so.

"Alzheimer's patient on a stair lift." Brilliant.

Makes you wonder just how much money it'll take for the studios to let someone actually finish a decent game.

Good review, i still won't be getting it, but it sounds like you could have destroyed it, and gave it credit instead, which is pretty damn noble of you.

Why do I get the feeling that next week's video will have even wider widescreen-o-vision and that he'll just keep stretching and letterboxing until someone calls him out on it?
I guess I agree that a fun game that's too short is better than a bad one that's too long, but I'm not so sure about a too short mediocre game.

Funny, but this isn't a game I was very interested in to begin with.

Wasn't Brad Pitt supposed to be in this game somewhere? Surprised Yahtzee didn't make a crack on that.

As always an entertaining movie. Great job.

I've started tuning in to ZP just to find out how many people will try to pretend they've watched it and get put on probation!

This was a confusing one, some of the things he criticised actually sounded pretty cool and he seemed to go back and forth between liking it and disliking it!

brilliant review. Though have you noticed recently main characters in a lot of games are all starting to sound suspiciously like Nathan Drake lately?

I won't be getting the game, but it's nice to know that developers are trying something new. Maybe somday they'll also get it right.

I wasn't expecting to find this "review" funny, bit depressed, but actually I laughed out loud... thank you Yahtzee for making me smile today.

edit, I misspelled Yahtzee, damn it.

Hm...too bad that inspiration meter never hit 100,000. We might've thrown Dark Void a party. Or scammed it over the internet with a pop-up saying it was the 100,000th game to rip-off such and such...then giving it a multitude of virus-downloading viruses when it clicked.

I remember playing the demo of Dark Void and when I went to hijack one of the enemy's ships my character glitched out, I lost control of him, and he slowly crashed down.

Nice review as all ways.

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