Game Dogs: Episode Four: Satan

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Episode Four: Satan

Game development begins...but just what does Satan look like?

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Yeah this is funny to me. It is. I'm liking it. However that Satan is gonna come out f'ed up.

Gary is just too serious with his repeating words and Bob was quite deep. That Chet is quite a visionary.

I think my faith in this series is slowly fading...
I'll keep watching though. You know, just in case.

Sorry guys but I really didn't find that funny, where were the jokes?

im assuming this IS supposed to be a sitcom
its decent though, obviously we shall see where it goes

i would buy that game, sounds awesome!!!!!!

I'm sorry, but that was terrible. I couldn't even bare to watch the first minute of the show. I decided to skip ahead in hopes that I might find a genuinely funny moment but my search was in vane.

Either replace the writers or just cancel the entire thing.

I give up. It's five minutes of my life that I could spend doing schoolwork or blowing something up in a real video game that has nothing to do with annoying anthropomorphic dogs. This is a boring series with a bad presentation, idea, and almost no jokes, with the ones that are even there being crappy.

... Whatever.

Damn I thought it would get progressively more sucky, not finally be tolerable.

I think I finally started ignoring the bad parts and whenever a joke or satire was attempted I just let it fly over my head and it is more enjoyable that way because then instead of saying, "what the fuck that was terribly stupid" I don't even have a thought. the plot is actually okay, but if he says, "fire" one more time I'm going to fire a GUN at him. At least finally the reason he wants them gone is clearly stated but it's incredibly unrealistic.

Okay, I'm done with Game Dogs now. There just doesn't seem to be any humour in it at all, and the characters are so bland.

It was alright.

Could be shorter by about a minute.

Daystar Clarion:
I think my faith in this series is slowly fading...
I'll keep watching though. You know, just in case.

Same here...

Only good thing I like about this is Dorschy's feem toon!

Ugh. A single time I smiled was when Bob started talking.

Also, you can't even animate Garry/Gary's moving legs? Or jumping? Seriously?

Lol, i would buy it to. ;)

I'll be watching just to see how bad it'll get.

Right guys, that's it, this show is officially irredeemable.

I mean, as much as I hated the first 3 episodes with all my body and soul, I held out some hope, some hope that with a little more time and effort, this could be on my bookmarks page as something I'd regularly watch.

But this.... This proves to me that this series cannot be saved. The only way to make this tolerable is to cancel it, take the money that was put into it (although from the animation, it doesn't look like much) and use it to make more genuinely informative and readable magazine articles.

Please, for the love of God, just end it.

Can't Bob just have a spin off?

I <3 Bob

The only time I smiled

Well this show has failed to impress me for 4 weeks in a row. Good effort but I will no longer be watching.

Well it wasn't as funny, but it still entertained me.

And Bob is awesome.

At least they read your comments... And tell some of it in the show...

Anyway, the last line gave me a bit of chuckle, even though it was predictable.

I like where this show is going.
It keeps my interest.

And a Demonic Half-Chihuahua Half-Goat and also part Tank,would be an awesome protagonist in a game.

I'm just wondering how many people this week who have said that they aren't going to watch it anymore are going to come back next week and complain...

It was alright though. Though I've never been to "Sunday School" I know what Satan should look like, so that was kind of a moronic plot device.

it brought smiles and chuckles, not top notch but hey it´s free so I guest I get what I pay for :3

Thats it. I give up. I'm sorry but that was embarrassing.

Only thing that made me crack up was the last 'FIRED!'

This video did not make me happy. It was supposed to make me happy. I'll keep watching though, hope it gets better.

Its a real shame because its obvious that the greatest budget was put on this series (the animation is far crisper than most of the other shows and employs a variety of people) but the concept isn't great and the script is just....annoying.

Having said that it may turn out to be better as it develops.

it's like watching the creation of the first Wolfenstein come to life.
"More guns! And put him in a robot suit."

Well, the beginning joke was quite "good". I use this term with caution.

Can't Bob just have a spin off?

I <3 Bob

The only time I smiled

Yeah, Bob is cool and the most likable character.
And Mr. Yee should be in the next episode. I like his confused and mixed nature.

Yeah, still not feeling it.

Could use a lot less exposition - 'show, don't tell' is a pretty established idea. I know Gary is the malevolent boss who wants to fire everyone, he doesn't need to say it in every episode.

It kind of reminds me of a Williams St. cartoon... but you know, with better animation... Honestly, the writing could be a lot better, but most of it feels natural and sort of improvised, almost. I kind of like that...

What? Aw man.... I need to stop falling asleep while watching these things. I keep waking up in strange places in the forums... Where are my pants? And what did I miss?

This series is feeling way to held down to PR. PR + Satan? Answer: No.

I'll be watching just to see how bad it'll get.

You're a bad, bad man.

OT: I'm done with this series as well. It was just not funny.

Daystar Clarion:
I think my faith in this series is slowly fading...
I'll keep watching though. You know, just in case.

Yeah I feel the same, only I wasn't really installed with that much faith in the start. Anyway I'll watch only out of, I don't know but I guess I'll continue.

You know, I've been undecided about this show so far. Been kind of taking a cautiously optimistic approach, but hasn't really done anything for me yet, but Bob in this episode actually cracked me up. I enjoyed that.

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