Apocalypse Lane: Episode 34: Robots and Repairs

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Episode 34: Robots and Repairs

Zed fixes up Big Pete and Willy has an astonishing revelation.

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Ohh i hate cliff hangers....now i can't w8 for the next episode. And that's a good thing :D

This gets more and more complicated every week. It's brilliant!
Can't wait for next week's.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my reaction to the revelation that Willy is a cyborg...

HOLY CRAP @[email protected]

A great episode as always.

That's 4 WTF moments, 1 fourth wall broken, 1 cliffhanger, and 1 very good idea from cuddles.
You've outdone yourself jon.

Too many robots good title is it???

Also Frank is a jerk

Well, that explains why Michelle looks and sounds like Willy.

Nice twist there, Jon.

is he gonna enter the race?!
lol good ep.

Ahhh, so Michelle wasn't Willy, it was just another bot. IT ALL MAKES SENSE.

Whoa whoa WTF!

My God, epic episode.

Ooo... now I cant wait for next weeks episode.

Also, HOLY CRAP willy is a robot... Wait, I mean cyborg.

Awesome. Great twists and the ending makes me want to watch the next episode.

that was awesome, cant wait for the next episode

To many wtf moments?! This si worse that Lost!

Great episode :P

"well that was my WTF moment for today" it keeps on getting better and better even with the cliff hangers, can't wait for the next Thursday.

hilariously done.. Cracked me up more than once, I especially loved Cuddles' reaction that Willy is a Cyborg.

And, Zed sounds like Mario :P

is he gonna enter the race?!
lol good ep.

If he ever entered the race, he already won...

Too many revelations in one episode. No wonder it took 8 minutes and more.

LOL! The Z.O.M.B.I.E. series of cyborgs. Good show!

At least now we know the Willy that was sleeping with the president wasn't this Willy.
Also, Marty's second WTF moment was probably the biggest WTF moment of the series.

"Pop culture man Pop Culture"
epic quote xP..
anyways i am in awe for ya man xP..
you pretty much took over thursday's @ eCapists Jon hehe.
with your own A.Lane and Voice Overs/Co-Artist on both G.Dogs and D.Associates..
how do you manage your schedule xP..

Every episode Frank is in, he steals.

Hehehe, nice one Jon.
I honestly didn't expect that plot twist. well, plot twist? more like character re-imagining.
Still, another fine episode, and the first vid I have watched on the Escapist since last thursday... (If you don't couth the Fallout New Vegas vid).

yeah there was my what the f*ck moment for the day right there

aw fantastic work Jon!


Hilarious as always Jon!
This is a very nice build up in the plot. Whenever you answer a question you seem to introduce another one! (This isn't a bad thing).

Zed himself, I was not expecting! He reminds me of a character from Ghost in the Shell, who turned himself into a robot and his company sold robots designed for an intimate nature.

I am guessing that these cyborgs are able to be controlled remotely and against their will (possibly by a certain console which a certain presidential character is wishing to obtain?)

I am already eagerly awaiting next week's episode!

I love this show. I know I should probably comment on something specific to this episode... but it is seriously ALL GOOD. I'm looking forward to next weeks mash up of craziness.

Oh ho ho! The next episode is gonna be awesome! Not that this one wasn't incredible either. That was a real WTF moment right there!

Holy Shit he's a robot

Yep, I'm having a "WTF moment" to... it really is exhausting.

Now if Obama's sexbot looks "normal" and Frank's looks like... well, Willie, Frank sure is one messed up SOB haha!

All I can say for next episode is...


Fantastic Bender reference.

Can't wait for the next episode, either...

well heres my WTF moment for the daay you really are just coming up with this on the go are ya i mean cyborgs thats a bit cliche isnt it

This show is pure awesome and every twist is so messed up...It's...So good. xD

7:41 Obamadrome, Obamadrome, Obamadrome....YEAH!

I can't wait to see the Death Race. Maybe a certain drink will get Hickey to be a really good race car driver and win the Death Race. Meanwhile, Obama and his moving fortress is already at Apocalypse Lane so will Obama take over and find the device or will the gang get back in time to help...well...that big worm and maybe Gladys are the only real chance of guarding the device from Obama. That was the best WTF moment ever! I love this show.

Just like marty, I had 2 WTF moments.

and that explains why willy liked when pumper electrocuted him. Oh and Zeds accent is amazing.


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