Alt+Escape: Record Tripping

Alt+Escape: Record Tripping

Time to bust out your mad DJ skillz on ... classic vinyl recordings of literature readings?

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Hehe...This is certainly addictive!

*goes back to playing*

Pretty incredible game. It's rare to see a game with this level of artistic polish have decent gameplay design, too.

Fairly simple, don't think i'll play too much more. Top marks for presentation though.

Amazing effects. :O
Commands were new too. Really good game.

That game just grabbed me and I had to play it before I left for work (yesterday). Fortunately it was so short!

I love Alt Escape. It should be more frequent, since it's so awesome. Would be more awesome if my wireless connection wasn't such a bitch at night (Five minutes to load a ten-minute game. Grrg.)

It has Dame Judi Dench, and is therefore awesome.'s also just a really nifty little game.

I enjoyed this. Only complaint I have is that it is too short. Nice find.

I really enjoyed the aesthetics, and the mechanic, but found the game itself kind of lackluster. I walked away thinking... "I want someone to take those ideas and put out something awesome."

I think part of what bothered me is that there's this narrative going on, and the narrative seems unattached to the gameplay (unless someone can point out the connection I was missing, barring the end game screen).

Still, the not-quite-DJ-hero scratching thing, tied into gameplay which results in an interesting auditory experience (a la Rez), I think it has potential.

Really cool. New idea, although not too entertaining. Oh, except those cats. God, I love those cats.

I played this yesterday, actually, and I thought, "Damn, it would be really cool if this dude(ette) could just release the skipping feature with a 'use your own music' dealie. It would be like getting DJ Hero for free." It was very entertaining on its own, but I was disappointed to find it didn't have that feature.

Well that was quite an enjoyable flash game. It had a really interesting concept and a fantastic musical score. Thanks for showing us this little gem of a game Funk because brightened up a somewhat dreary day.

Also, cats make everything better, and it was fun to see them nodding to the beat.

Very nice... but it took me a while to figure out what was going on. :-/ I also wish it was possible to leap to a minigame. That's because I'm BORING.

Wow, this is very creative and has a lot of polish for a browser game. It's also surprisingly fun for a game that's so simple. Nice find, guys.

Yeah, it looked nice, but that's about the only nice thing I can say about it. The music was boring and repetitive, and I didn't quite see the point of the reading of the story. The gameplay was overly simple, at some times to the point where it was barely even there, like the opening of the safe, ie. turn wheel up, then down, then up.

Nice to look at, but this week's Alt+Escape was a little disappointing for me. Look forward to next week, though!

Really cool. It looked great and sounded great, and kudos to them for a truly unique concept. The only complaint I have is that there was no arcade mode, so I always had that time limit to contend with. I hope there's a sequel so they can put more content in, because I might be addicted.

EDIT: Nope, I'm not addicted. I just got frustrated at the time limits when everything moves so slowly and the time keeps counting down while you're moving between levels

By far one of the most artsy game I've ever seen. A shame they don't offer more time to play each stage; it seemed that each time I was getting more into the game, the lady would say "time's up"...

What an odd little thing this is. I quite like it, I must say. Though more time to enjoy things would be nice.

Ahahahahahahaha. That's just hilarious. I just wish someone made a program for this, so we could use it with other clips. Political speeches! Angsty monologues! Even the infamous Commander Boreale! The possibilities would be endless!

i decided to try this on my bimonthly visit at the family, so i couldn't hear the music/sound over the yelling (not fighting, my family just communicate very loudly) and the puzzles had a hard time standing up on their own, maybe ill try it again tomorrow, but as of right now it was nothing special.

very interesting, but not my cup of tea. my favorite level was the second and only because it features one of my favorite Beck songs. the mechanic is very interesting but the sound effect is only half convincing and ultimate REALLY annoying.

I doubt I´ll be playing this very much, but I am glad I tried it. The style is simply lovely and the mechanic is pretty clever.

And it had a kitten giving me directions...Cute.

interesting visuals and sound, but over all, meh. Too easy and too short.

I absolutely loved the bit with the cats bopping along to the music.


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