Letters to the Editor: Good Eats

Good Eats

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I a'm so happy you guys did a cooking issue. I recently picked up the hobby and have enjoyed it a lot. nd its nice to serve real food at D&D games instead of pizza.

My first comment in the Letters to the Editor.

Makes me feel really proud to be part of The Escapist. Thankyou.

I not only got reposted in Letters to the Editor, but the reposted comment after mine was one that quoted me!

I realize that this is only giving me an ego high because I have absolutely nothing else going on right now. I've been out of work for almost a year, haven't gotten one call back on dozens of applications, can't afford any of the new, great games I want, and worst of all, I am forced to live in my parents' house. So what I'm saying is, I'LL TAKE ABSOLUTELY ANY CONFIDENCE BOOSTERS I CAN GET, AND I'M ALLOWED.

Now if only there was a way to make money from getting cited by the Escapist editorial staff...

Thanks guys.


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