240: Mama to the Rescue

Mama to the Rescue

When Brendan Main and his wife got stuck in a slumhole apartment in an unfamiliar city with Cooking Mama as their only entertainment, they both had the same hare-brained idea: to assemble a makeshift kitchen and try their hands at a few of Mama's strangest recipes.

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Great article! Makes me wanna try this!

At home, I mean.

I was hitting my thigh as I read this. It was awesome.
I'm a definite Arendt-Fan, but your food article has got her's beat. (please don't tell her I said that...)

Cooking mama is fun, I have no idea why.

Fantastic article! I have to admit, I'm curious about the apartment - did it get fixed? Did the tenant's board ride to the rescue? I hope it turned out ok in the end.

I would love for Cooking with Mama to come out with a cookbook... all that nummy food...

Nice article! But now im hungry.

great article, its so true, you can have the tastiest ready meal ever, but it wont beat a good old homecooked meal with pride

I really enjoyed this! Food is probably one of my main passions in life: Eating and cooking are pleasures to be shared with loved ones, and I feel like this column really gets at that. Plus, as someone that rarely uses recipes and just sort of throws together flavors and techniques he enjoys, I can empathize with the wonder at just how much greater the whole is when compared to its parts.

Such a great article. The imagery was vivid and the suspense was killing me. I just had to know how this crazy idea would turn out. Glad to see that it was a tasty endeavor.

Bravo! Keep up the great writing.

That was a great story. I would show it to my girlfriend, a fan of the Cooking Mama franchise, but I'm afraid she would get worried about the whole "our new home is a disaster, and we just got swindled" aspect of the story since we are currently shopping for a home to buy.

Great story! Not really in the vein of the Escapist's usual fare, but fun and funny at the same time. You have quite some talent at writing, Mr Main!

Wonderful story. It made me laugh.

I enjoy cooking from time to time, and I enjoyed this article. I don't usually comment just to say that, but there it is. I laughed.

I had to laugh at the Squid fried soba, Loco moco, Keema curry and chapatti being "exotic foods" bit...

I know what all those are and I'm a fussy eater!

Maybe Australia is far more multicultural than I thought...

Great story! I'm also curious about what happened afterwards though. I hope that landlord slips on an upturned glass whilst coming down a long, long flight of stairs...

Maybe Australia is far more multicultural than I thought...

Dude, Australia's more multicultural than the United Nations.

Necromancy, Lovecraft and food! Why, almost a perfect article!

"A friend of mine, an accomplished chef, describes cooking as alchemy: You combine mundane items and produce something wondrous, a whole greater than its parts. But what we did that night was closer to necromancy."

Great! Now I'm hungry AND laughing my arse off!!

I saved that article to my favorites to spread around. People are always sending me these religous psalms(even though I'm devoutely NOT religous) and heroic stories, but THIS is inspirational.

I have to say, this was my favourite article of the week. It was funny, it was dramatic, and even a little inspiring. I particularly enjoyed your life lessons - the first two were hilarious, the last one rather touching. That being said, my one experience playing Cooking Mama involved me screwing up literally anything I tried to cook (probably due to my consumption of some distinctly poor-quality gin). But hey, maybe that food would have tasted amazing as well.

Best article I have read here on the Escapist so far. You have a real talent for writing.

I' glad I'm not the only one to find the gore of the kitchen to be more than the gore of video games.
Kratos's got nothing on cooking chicken soup with a whole bird.

Sounds just like my appartment...only difference; it was still fine when I moved in ;o

As a gamer and a chef, I'd like to think that i'm saying this as distanced as possible from the two: this is my favorite escapist article thus far, and I've read every one since the day I joined this website.

>delicious meals

If I reached the point of hunger where I actually felt like squid, I probably died a few days earlier.
Though after Cooking Mama, McDonalds is all the more Hilarious (especially pretending that the female chef has a smile on her face instead of a look of content for the human race)

Once again games save the day.

You sir, win 10 internets with your plates full of win.

I hope you punched that landlord square in the face and called him a shit.

I know I would have.

Why am I suddenly reminded of that World of Warcraft themed cookbook I keep hearing about?

Great article, but I can't start to fathom how that would all turn out great. I say, bravo to you, sir. I hope that landlord was pissed when he found the garbage in the ceiling.

Now, I am hungry as well, but I'm not going to let Mama tell me what to make.

Thats was a wonderful read and nice to see some love for Mama. and arn't you lucky playing the best game in the series. I have always thought about trying to make one of her dishes in real life bbut now i just might.

I agree. Please tell us how it all turned out with the landlord!


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