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Press B to Serve

Leveling up your in-game cooking skill is often as simple as gathering up some ingredients and clicking a button a couple dozen times. But Nova Barlow has more ambitious plans: to max-out her real-world cooking abilities with a series of videogame-inspired recipes.

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I love cooking and i game most of my free time. I'm gonna try a couple of these out later.

These sound like delicious treats, save perhaps for the Nuka-Cola. Still, nice work on both the article and the confections!

You skill in Cooking has increased by 1 point!

That's... actually pretty cool. I think I'll give the Portal cake a try once my exams are over. Thanks for these recipes! :)

These sound like delicious treats, save perhaps for the Nuka-Cola. Still, nice work on both the article and the confections!

You skill in Cooking has increased by 1 point!

I keep thinking there has to be a better way to do that one... I'm still not sure what the mint was for, because the base certainly had enough caffeine by itself.

Thank you though! I had a fun time in the kitchen :D It reminded me I should do more of that.

I enjoyed this article. It was practical, different and fun!

Thank you Nova!

An excellent and fun read.

The pretzels sound like something I can try making this weekend *.*
Very interesting read, didn't know they had actually recipes for food in-game, now I know what I want for my birthday, a Portal Cake!

My flat mate made a Portal cake for a mates 21st birthday just a few weeks ago, it turned out really well :)

OT: Definitely gonna make me some of those Pretzels!

Great article! I had fun reading it even though I'm not very skilled with a spatula. I liked the writing style, practical and cheerful, it treated the subject very well. I was only sad [ :( ] because there was no picture of the Portal you made at the end. Mayhaps this can be fixed somehow? ;)

The pictures are wonderful and the cake looks awesome. Seriously, it looks exactly like the real thing except if it was made by the Italians. :) Oh, and the pretzels do look delicious. All in all, I think you should be able to you to yourself that this was a triumph.

"Simply make your way to the Grim Guzzler"

Ha. Ha.

Very interesting though, and I myself have wondered about that cake. I'd give it a shot and I don't really eat that much cake or really sweet stuff. I enjoy cooking at times and this should convince me to get off my bum and actually do something about it.

The... Cake is not a lie?

A very interesting read, gonna paste that Nuka-Cola logo on everything I drink from now on.

Trimming the domed top off of the separate layers of the cake is exactly what you're supposed to do.

Next time, though, actual 'cooking' or 'baking' would be neat to try, as opposed to the use of packaged mixes and prepared foods. I can appreciate the effort that went into the pretzels, though.

I've made a lot of layer cakes and I've never had an issue with the layer rising up like that. They normally just rise a little in the middle and you just flip the top layer over and by the time you're done icing it it's flattened out. Flipping the top layer over normally gives me a really good looking flat cake.

Cake mix is a bit of a disappointment as cake is really easy to make from scratch, there are a lot of easy mix it up and bake recipes that don't really require any more work than mix.

yes!! i should one day make my own Nuka-Cola.

add some water here, a little CO2 there, some flavor, and maybe... possibly add a little bit of radiation to make my pee glow. oh, that's Quantum.

A very entertaining read, thank you. I'm no cook. but this is very admirable.

Heh heh heh. I just whipped up some Royal Iced Tea in another game, Restaurant City. Except mine was peach-flavoured!

... What are you looking at me like that for? It's a casual game, so what? It counts!

I enjoyed reading your article and am glad someone experimented with all these recipes. Game designers put a lot of effort designing their worlds to be immersive and a can of Nuka-Cola on the ground is no trash it's a gem. It's flattering seeing a fan gave the same amount of effort.

And for a heads up, ignoring the recipe from GlaDOS (which contains inedible and toxic ingredients) the cake featured at the end is a Black Forest Cake. I finally had one last year and it may have been the best thing I have ever put in my mouth.

The model for the cake came from this bakery.

Your cake was delicious and moist, eh?

This is a triumph. I'm making a note here, huge success.

I'm impressed that you tackled that peanut butter and cream cheese mixture for the Earthbound bars with a fork! My tiny T-Rex arms could never handle that.

Also that Autumn Salad sounds delicious!

Same thing happened to my portal cake I made for my D&D group... Though I managed to fix it to perfection! Once they started eating, it wasn't around to worry about slanting inward. I also used instead of cherries those red sour balls.

Must make NukaCola.. And cake...

I couldn't find the link to the Portal Cake recipe in the article. Where did I miss it? I really want to try it out.

I must say, your Portal cake has a lot of personality, even if it is a little on the tipsy side. Shame about the Nuka-Cola; whenever I saw it in Fallout, I always imagined it as being this ideal combination of Coke and Dr. Pepper with a little extra je ne sais quoi. I was hopeful the mint would fulfill that purpose, but alas, no dice. Honestly, I'm tempted to try a few of these recipes out myself.... if only I could cook. Even the simpler things like the Sims Autumn Salad would probably turn into a Homer Simpson cereal fiasco for me.

nuka cola is Dr. Pepper. or heavily based on it with some coke thrown in, i mean actual cocaine, for it to be so addictive

Gotta make that Portal cake, as a fellow gamer-baker.

Warning for those planning on making the pretzels: I've made pretzels before, and SERIOUSLY it takes FOREVER but it's hard to screw up pretzels - they are very tasty. I made mine into some standard pretzel shapes and some Atari-logo shapes.

Fab article, and, since he's too scared to try baking a full-on portal cake, my boyfriend is currently downstairs baking up a batch of these bad boys: http://www.snackordie.com/2007/10/portal_cake_cookies.html

Only he's substituting red skittles for red hots, cause UK.

Apparantly, I'm not allowed to help... Must be a male-pride thing...

This is an amazing article. I, with probably many others on this site, will try the Portal cake next time we have a birthday or party coming up. The other recipes are also good for general snacks and meals. And being one that can't cook, this might save my life later down the road.


Oh little cake, you tried so hard. :)

The lab, where you can see all the food, plus some extras that didn't get mentioned in the article.

That's what I was looking forward to seeing. The photos. :D

Oh, and for GTA4's Pisswasser beer all you need is a beer glass and a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon. ;)

I'll be honest Nova, the Prospekt of you making a cake form a valve game was a little hard for me to believe at first.

Good article, am current deciding the likelihood of being able to create an entire party (as in dancing/drinking party not a group of mates for raids and what not) entirely catered with video game recipes. Fair to say you have inspired me somewhat.

Oh and those pretzels looked amazing.

One thing I should mention is the foods mentioned here were not overly healthy, besides the salad, a wider range of healthier options would be interesting to look at. If only just to go slightly against the whole unhealthy gamer image often portrayed

I'll be honest Nova, the Prospekt of you making a cake form a valve game was a little hard for me to believe at first.

I see what you did there.


I'll be honest Nova, the Prospekt of you making a cake form a valve game was a little hard for me to believe at first.

I see what you did there.

I'm glad to see some one has, it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. Not many people have an amazing name like Nova.

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