Escape to the Movies: Wolfman

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I have only one question Movie Bob. Is there nudity?

Now I'm going to totally yell, "wolfman's gone mad"

Screw you guy. : )

It's your fault.

It's "Wolfman's got nards"

Hope I don't get banned for that though.

I guess movie bob doesn't know that Cap America is supposed to be a musical number

Good review, probably won't be seeing this film though, not a big fan of horror movies.

Also, pause at 3:46.

It's Golem!

Sorry, just had to get that out.

Hey, Reb Brown is a legend! What other Captain America squeals like a little girl while tossing a dinky little plastic shield around that goes "Doink!" upon impact?


Now I'm going to totally yell, "wolfman's gone mad"

Screw you guy. : )

It's your fault.

It's "Wolfman's got nards"

Hope I don't get banned for that though.

really? Dang my hearing's awful.

Movie Bob, I have to say that you're my favorite movie reviewer and video series on the escapist. You tell the truth about movies and tell us if it would be something we would like to go see.
While others may have turned their snob noses up at wolfman, you tell us the reasons will would most likely enjoy it. I truly appreciate that about your review. A douche bag movie critic would have said this movie was the worse thing in the world because Del Toro has a problem not appearing like a cold robot, but I'm glad you're a smart person.

So anywho, thanks for the review and keep it up!

Susan Arendt:
Brotherhood of the Wolf is so, so, SO good. Watch it immediately. Nice shout out, there, Bob.

*adds to Netflix queues*

It seems like recent movies have been made to correct the errors that Twilight has inserted into girls' brains about Vampires and Werewolves.

All the big critics seem to disagree with you Bob. Honestly I am not sure who to believe, them or you.

Great review, I'm going to see this tonight.

Hope its as good as you say

I find the commercial bit tacked on to the front of this video review to be amusingly ironic.

It must suck to have to dance with those Hollywood producers.

300lb. Samoan:

Herr Wozzeck:
I dunno...

I watched the original Wolfman movie a few weeks ago, and I found it to be a fascinating character pieced based around Larry Talbot (then played by Lon Cheney Jr.). I fear for this movie's quality on that basis (also because I'm under the assumption that anybody who has the gumption to play Che Guevara in a different movie is miscast in something with a mostly British cast). And also, because I'm afraid of how they'll butcher the father/son dynamic.

But we'll see.

All that stuff is handled perfectly. Lawrence Talbot now has spent most of his life in America, which explains away the American accent, but Del Toro is so reserved in his role as Lawrence that it never clangs. The dynamic between him and Hopkins is the fuel that keeps the movie humming. This is certainly a movie about a man turning into a wolf, not just a wolf-man-thing.

All right, after seeing the actual movie, I can say that you were definitely right about Del Toro's performance: I actually didn't mind all that much. That said, I hated what they did between Larry and John in the remake, although I'm willing to forgive it since it has its basis within the film and didn't feel like something the screenwriters pulled out of their asses to intentionally make it different from the original.

And I actually kind of liked the remake, if I want to be honest with myself. :)

He should start his reviews by saying 'OOOOOH my God, this is the greatest movie I've ever seen in my life'.

And end it with: 'CHAAAANGE? You got chaaaange? Aaaaw, come on..'

Good review. Still:

"You want to see a wolfman, and you want to see him doing wolfman stuff."

Nope, I want to see Anthony Hopkins. There are plenty of movies that I'd never try out were it not for the presence of one or more of the actors - in this case Hopkins.

LOL at the very end.

I didn't realize how much trouble the movie was to make. I also hope the Captain America movie is great, too.

Fraggle Rock reference! I love you a completely geeky and heterosexual way.

Thank you, Bob. I needed this to wash out the taste of that A.O. Scott review of this movie where he talks about Twilight.

Also, is it just me, or does that picture of Mr. Baker look like it's been digitally enhanced, if not wholly computer generated?

Thanks to the presence of Hopkins I was never not going to see it but since it got a thumbs up by the most entertaining movie critic 'round these parts, I'm itching to see it even more.

On a side note, I had a very difficult time collecting my thoughts to form that sentence. How did I do?

Just saw it a couple of hours ago. Bob was pretty spot-on, as usual. I'd say it was on par with Bram Stoker's Dracula, only the acting was more consistently solid. I only wish Singh had been a bigger role.

What the fuck is Bob going on about this film is shite, the effects are shit and it is so boring. Del Toro who is usually good actor cant show any emotion for shit in this film.

Danny Elfman? Well, the soundtrack should be good. I think I will see this.

What the hell was that one... thing with the giant helmet that's supposed to look like Captain America?

From what I have seen in the trailer it looks good. But why does the wolf look so fake to me?

Bleh. I've never really liked Werewolves... ever. To me, they are the loser monsters of horror films because they just come off as boring and depressing. At least you can change up zombies pretty easily (especially with the whole infected thing that has been going on in recent years). Then vampires used to have a good thing going until they started doing love-stories with them. Now vampires are just questionable.

All in all, I'm not planning to see this movie. But Captain America is something I'm hoping will turn out well, as well as Green Lantern. By the way, since the actor chose Green Lanturn, does this mean that he won't be doing Deadpool or did something else come up on that? I never caught the info on that one.

Show of hands, who here has low expectations for Captain America?

The Great JT:
Show of hands, who here has low expectations for Captain America?

*raises hand* I hate to admit it, but it's too easy to do wrong. I shall enjoy it if they do it right, but they could easily screw him up the way they screwed up Daredevil and Ghost Rider.

Hey, I saw this last night. One of the worst movie's I've seen, actually. I'm surprised that he said it's "still pretty damn good", with all his hate against Transformers. They're about equally stupid, except that the robots actually looked kind of cool. You could really see the wereolf's rubber mask (and if it was CGI... that kind of sucks).

However, it is one of those movies that is so bad that it's funny. My friends and I laughed the whole way through. Probably pissed off some other people in the theatre, because for once we were "those annoying kids".

I was mildly impressed with this movie, actually. I have to admit, I walked in there expecting jubilee of senseless gore and hot sex scenes piled on top of a sub par, if even existent, plot. But instead, I found it quite interesting, although I felt that the whole subplot romance was thrown in at the last second, and really took away from the storyline.

And there was absolutely no sex, at all. That has to be a first in the modern horror movie industry.

Hey Bob, if you have a lull and just want to screw around how about reviewing some blatant rip offs

(Machinegun fire turnes into flamethrower blasts woo!)
The Terminators

Well I was looking at this movie trying to decide then I saw you did a review, and honestly with the advertising on the site if you had raved about its greatness I would have stopped trusting you. It would have just seemed too convenient that you loved it and they had ads up, but the way you went about it the movie sounds good enough to watch and better than a lot of other movies.

I suppose I will get around to seeing it and maybe get lucky and catch a new kick ass the movie ad.

I saw it yesterday. It looked nice, but it was boring.

Review is dead on! I'm excited for the Captain America movie hopefully Will Smith doesn't get the role.

I really liked this movie, but it felt like the script had maybe three punctuations in it.

Once it starts going it doesn't pause to catch it's breath, which mixed with the olde style along with some Bram Stoker's Dracula style superimposing effects makes for one hell of a fun movie.

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