Alt+Escape: Robot Unicorn Attack

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Alt+Escape: Robot Unicorn Attack

This is without a doubt the most badass game about unicorns you'll play this week.

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<3 it! :D Also, thanks for explaining the dolphins, I plummeted to my death many times just trying to get them, because I thought they were collectible.

Certainly unique lol. Makes unicorns cool once more =D

Best. Game. Ever.

I've shared this with a bunch of my friends already. I don't think any one of them is secure in their sexuality anymore.

I <3 unicorns! All that side-scrolling action made my frame of reference trip out once I stopped playing though. Suddenly, EVERYTHING was moving to the left.

Two words: Fucking. Awesome.

This game is a lot more entertaining than I expected it to be. The soundtrack is surprisingly entertaining to, in a sort of creepy way.

I love Adult Swim Games! I used to hear this song by Erasure when I was a kid and the game is great but I prefer Radioactive Zombie Teddy Bears.

That was... different.

On the brightside I now know where to get a link that can make Homophobes quiver with fear.

6,000 points by the way.

Interesting game... 12k btw ;) Aint so hard

Lol, South Park reference.

Either someone's on some major drugs, or they actually hired a 10 year old girl.

13,220, pretty challenging game.

Fun game but after I realised you can double jump, dash, jump, dash and jump again before you need to land (can be chained longer on longer jumps and with good timing) it became a lot easier.

The gameplay was surprisingly entertaining altough I hate the whole "It's got a funny meme so it's AWESOME!!!1!" mentality.

That was actually rather fun. Plus the soundtrack was awsome.

16,440 by the way

EDIT: Damn that song is catchy...

K, that was gayest and most enjoyable part of my day so far...

thank you!

That was awesome. Simple and addicting gameplay combined with fantastically queer visuals and soundtrack.

Highscore so far is 16,472 (after three "wishes")

Great game, always liked the song now i think it would sound great on some 80's fantasy movie

Me and my GF are now in a viscious battle over who can get the better score. My god is this addictive!

Jordan Deam:
This is without a doubt the most badass game about unicorns you'll play this week.

I don't know about that - Secret of the Magic Crystals is available on Steam.

The best part was the Robot Chicken-style ad for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.


damn... im afraid but i liked that game, its so gay, its the gayest game i have ever played

lived the song, now i want to download it!

and loved that when you crashed the head of the robot unicorn was crying hahaha


...and for some reason I now want to do a Google image search of Anderson Cooper...


I wouldn't say it's as good as the Larry Craig rhythm game(foot tapping mechanic), set to Bronski Beat's Smalltown Boy, that came out(no pun intended) briefly last year. But I suppose it'll do for now.

I'm honestly surprised you picked this (since Balloon in a Wasteland came out this week) but, whatever. This game is awesome anyway.

2nd 4860
3rd: 10936


This game eats my life.

I <3 unicorns! All that side-scrolling action made my frame of reference trip out once I stopped playing though. Suddenly, EVERYTHING was moving to the left.

You too?! That takes a load off my mind, I thought I might have gotten food poisoning again, or that it might be the game. Glad to know it's the game. Especially since I just cleaned the bathroom.

This. Was. So. Good!

I never thought playing as a unicorn could be so kickass. A shame my browser keeps crashing when I play it.

21,120 after 3 "wishes".

I love this game. :)
And unicorns have ALWAYS been awesome.

Fruitiest, fucking awesome-est flash game I've ever played.


26,534 high score.

Help my life has been eaten by this game!
Seriously I just keep wanting to come back.

Also does anyone know what that song is? It haunts my dreams.... in a good way :)

That was pretty entertaining although it does manage to get old pretty quickly. The music fit nicely with the game though, and it did kill some time, so thanks again for the browser game!

And around 7,000, by the way.

This game has a very simple compulsion to it. I keep playing it over and over and over again. You almost get into a trance like state and pretty soon, where did that hour go.

But for the concept, I picture a bunch of people in a room like,
"We need a game the will appeal to both boys and girls,
"well boys like robots"
"hmmm, well girls like unicorns"
"Wait, I got it! Robot unicorns"
and high fives all around.

EDIT: I made it past 50k... I'm so sad.

I just wasted 45 minutes playing that.

If loving this game makes me gay then by god I'm....
ok...NM I'll stop there. But I do love the game...
I'm NOT gay...

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