Reliable Source: When Interviews Go Wrong

Reliable Source: When Interviews Go Wrong

Marion shares his secrets to failure.

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Don't worry.

Tito will totally fall for it.

Haha, this one has some barbs.

I could totally imagine Nintendo sueing someone like him for taping a magnifier on it, overambitious bastards.

Sweet Shamus, this is hilarious. LOVE your articles. HA!

I loved this article!

I still can't figure out what part of those aricles is true, and what part is wild fantasies.

I guess that makes the wild fantasies part about them pretty damn good huh?

Haha, this one has some barbs.

I felt them all the way from here XD

Thats awesome, and I fully endorse the games coming with booze idea!

Man I love these things. Excellent story man.

This shit is hilarious.

You're using review scores!
Sell out.

i thought i was reading an article, not a made up, funny as fuck, article. regardless... this be fun, keep it up drunkard!

This was my first reading of Reliable Source. Needless to say, this made it an instant favorite. Kudos to you!

Nice. Somehow I couldn't get myself to read your last column, but this one reastablished my faith in you once again.

Did he fall for it?
Come on, the suspense is killing me!

As a native of Little Rock, Arkansas, I can attest that we have a rampant problem with duct tape console modification and crappy basement project publications. And that's why I drink.

Im going to assume this all actually happened
and that is awesome.

NBA Live...and piracy. In the same article. Along with "Avast" Only in Reliable Source.

this? . wha?
Ive read a few of these articles and Im still thinking Wth?

good stuff

Was this supposed to be funny?

Don't worry, Marion, 'abateful' is a work. Urban Dictionary has a definition for 'abateful', or it will in a few days once they add it.

haha hilarious, and I'll jump onto the "every review copy should come with booze" bandwagon with you. Keep it up man


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