Escapist News Network: EA's Corporate Vision On Track

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EA's Corporate Vision On Track

Good news, EA continues to lose money, but at a slower rate.
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Hmm I don't know if I'm just stressed, but wasn't that a really short ENN?

Interesting move. I'm not sure that I like the background music playing during the first few anchorman bits, but the sound effects overall seem greatly improved. Good to see the return of Sir Fragsalot, although I can't say I hope to see more of him in the future. I suspect that joke would wear thin really fast.

Overall, it's good to see you're mixing things up, trying to keep things fresh. It's good to see the focus shift off the main story a bit, especially since the one-liner anchorman bits are such pure, solid gold.

Hmm I don't know if I'm just stressed, but wasn't that a really short ENN?

Sign you need to get out more #239: Complaining there isn't enough video game news.

Actually yes I think you're right. I quite like short videos though, they don't outstay their welcome.

Good work EA. Good work.

I stay up all night and this is my reward. :D

Yeah, did seem a little short.

I did like the music at the opening though, makes it seem like a breaking news story.

Great as always, keep on developing!

Great news as always. At about three mins tho, felt a bit too short. Sir frags alot was dressed ALOT like yahtzee.

Also, cathleens Right eye looked oddly dark... I'm not going mad right? just hair shadow...

EA's biggest mistake financially was sadly to actually try new ideas. Meanwhile Activision rolls in money by milking tried and true concepts.

This has always been my biggest concern for the gaming industry stagnating if innovation is punished and laziness is rewarded.

Interesting new format. Glad you aren't afraid to experiment. Was "Facebreaker" a New Moon reference, or an actual game? Also, alas, my dream of living inside a house made of tits has yet to be realized...

I kind of miss the old format, but still enjoyed this one since it seems more fast-paced.

I greatly enjoyed the new EA motto.

There was just something that put me off this instalment...
I just can't place my finger on what.
Good Molyneux gag at the end too.

That was an odd change of pace. It wasn't a great episode but it was far from bad.

Best part of this show is by far the fade to black, always the best jokes. Structurally unsound lol.

Ehh, not the best ENN but still good.

Was "Facebreaker" a New Moon reference, or an actual game?.

It's a boxing game.

I liked the old format of the show. This seems a little to fast and formal for my liking.

I kinda dig the music stings. They keep the content interesting from an auditory perspective.

"at least this game has legible text"

i love all the LRR references at the bottom

"Olympic slackers"

Also i loved the greater focus on the real stories as an opposed to a 100% fabricated one

"EA sucking less" plan sounds a lot like Capcom's "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" agenda :P

The ending quip about Molyneux was very funny. Structurally sound; ha!

To suck Less.
Thats was good.

more like sir fags a lot

Excellent video. Though I feel the complains about EA making sequels was questionable...given it wasn't them who decided that only sequels can sell in big numbers (hint: It was us, the customers ;))

I, for one, welcome our new fast-paced video game news delivering overlords.

Good episode. Digging the new format, by the way.


Also, cathleens Right eye looked oddly dark... I'm not going mad right? just hair shadow...

No, I noticed that. Like she had a black eye or something.

Graham, I'm looking at you here.

It's an Objection!

And no, it would be crass to do a link at the moment.

Dear Graham,

I enjoy the Rapidfire series. I enjoy ENN. The combination, however, seems less than the sum of its parts. It was still good, it just wasn't as good as usual. Please tell me this was just an experiment and not a full-fledged revamping.


I really liked the whole "Nobody is using their Wii" thing. I'm sure Axel and Roxas might play theirs from time to time.

EA is only making a "loss" because they keep constantly buying small companies at considerably large prices:

They bought Bioware / Pandemic late 2008 for 775 million $ (they closed Pandemic but they'll rake money in with the new Bioware MMO anyway, that was what the acquisition was all about)

They recently bought Playfish (a social-gaming company) for ~400 million $:

Heck, remember when they wanted to buy THQ for 2 billion $?:

That all goes into the general "losses" number even if the games sell well...
How are they supposed to make a profit if they constantly buy companies at exhorbitant prices just to close em down 2-4 years later?

EA took risks with good, original game IP and it didn't pay off. Because we didn't buy enough copies of Boom Blox.

I hope EA is going to make new IPs and give IPS a second chance like mirror's edge and dead space.

gee is it me or do the host look like jehovah's wittiness ,the same ones who try to recruit me every other month , they live up tyhe street from me , and always bug me during game play , drinking or eating ... oh yeah ,hope ea goes tits up because i hate ea games

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