Escapist News Network: EA's Corporate Vision On Track

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Good show, but the slight change in format was a bit wierd. No dialouge at the beginning?? I live for that!

I miss the pre-report non sequiter, it was occasionaly the funniest part of ENN. At least you kept the closing non sequiter. Please don't loose this.

Yeah, we're playing with the format a bit to give the show more energy. We like it, but keep telling us what you think; it's still a bit of a work in progress. Give yourself some time to acclimatize too; it's natural to dislike unexpected changes, even good ones.

Coming up next week, we're adding a Google Buzz tab to the side of the video that will expose every Escapist forum post you make to the ridicule of people you hate ... so look forward to that :).

... and to clarify before someone takes it seriously: yes, the above is a joke.

As long as you don't stop playing with the format too early, you should have ample results. XD

I like diversity, so I'd like to see both more of the longer and this shorter format; or whatever else you think would be fun to do. Maybe a longer special report occasionally in the shorter format. The shorter format seemed to be more to the point, which is good. The pacing allows less time to be surprised and amused though; "getting" a joke is a lot quicker if you wrote/acted/recorded/edited it when viewing it of course.

Really though, just keep messing around if that's what brings us more in the spirit of what you've done so far!

The Mario bit was genius burning both Nintendo and Australian video game law

To quote Garth from Wayne's World, "It's like a new pair of underwear. At first it's constrictive, but then it becomes a part of you."

dot dot dot

Damn it, I'm surrounded by game devs and educators at a conference right now, and they're all looking at me like I'm insane because I'm giggling over the "tits are structurally unsound," joke. Granted, it's lunchtime, so I'm not interrupting anyone's speech, but still. Not exactly helpful. *snickers*

And thank you, Graham, for not going for the cheap shot and making a joke about sucking. Bold acting/writing choice, that was. ;)

good stuff good stuff... ChadX is supposed to be the worst human being alive, yes?

i'm british, could i sell Kathleen stuff? like a bikini? or an all-day access pass to my pants? ¬_¬

On another note, I like the omission of the opening pre-show banter. Keeping it at the end was a good choice, though. Diving right into the show works for me, strangely enough.


... and to clarify before someone takes it seriously: yes, the above is a joke.

Speaking of jokes (as you comedic-type folk are often wont to do), is Kathleen's possible black eye in this video a reference to that Commodore Hustle episode where Geoff slanders Graham?

Or is it in fact a mere shadow over her eye that just happens to look exactly like an imprint of Graham's fist?

Dead Space was a good turning point for EA to suck less.

like the new format.

Good australia censoring joke aswell.

The rapid fire story telling makes it seem more proffesional and news like, but too much so. Methinks you should find a happy medium between this and what you had before in terms of speed.

Oh and I loved the Starcraft 2 joke.


i'm british, could i sell Kathleen stuff? like a bikini? or an all-day access pass to my pants? ¬_¬


Or is it in fact a mere shadow over her eye that just happens to look exactly like an imprint of Graham's fist?

So now we just have to wait for Graham to kill you both

Its still clever and funny comedy, but the newer format makes it harder to laugh at.
The upped speed, and background music makes it seem rushed and incomplete; the same content could have been delivered over 5 minutes if things were said slower, steadier and more 'professionally' (although i hate to use that word in this context, LRR is great and professional).

I liked the Peter Molyneux ending. He's a very good speaker... I just wish he would actually do everything that he says.

Good video. I await next week's ENN.

The new format of that ENN was a bit fast for my liking, but glad to see you aren't afraid to experiment, keep up the good work XD

Nice. It's more upbeat than the previous ones.

I loved the end bit about peter molinux.


'nuff said.

If they really wanted to suck less they would make dungeon keeper 3. If you have to pump out sequels all the time you might as well make one for a series that is good.

will we see more of geoff as chadx in enn? because that would be cool.

argh, can't keep up, our of breath, speaking uncomplete sentences...

That reviewer was a complete moron. No questions asked.

Loved the part about EA though with one exception.....Mirrors Edge was an AWESOME game and I look forward to Mirrors Edge 2.

The lighting seemed a bit weird in this one. But over all not so bad. Still loved the old format better. I am kind of hoping that this fast pace was just a one time thing.

Personally I think it needs to slow back down a bit, at this speeed I feel like I'm missing half the jokes. That said the "main" story is much better in the new format. The show used to lose a lot of its momentum in the main story, usually when I rewatch an old episode I skip the main story unless it's really good.

So I suppose what I would want is to make less of a distinction between the two by speeding up the bigger story and slowing down the other stuff. I think that would lessen the jarring nature of switching between the two. At least that's my theory for now ^^.

It's either a lighting fail, a sleep fail, or a makeup fail ... or possibly a combination. It's certainly not domestic abuse, which is never funny ... unless Sonic is involved :).


Was "Facebreaker" a New Moon reference, or an actual game?.

It's quite possibly the worst boxing game ever.

Edited for truth.

Good main story, too bad the news wasn't as zany as it usually is. I don't blame you guys for that though.

i don't know what to think about the new changes... i like that you guys will change it up every now and again, but this episode felt very rushed, like you realised you had left it till the last minute, like me and assignments :P in saying that, i loved the main story and felt that it didn't drag on too long, which is something I've felt on some of the older episodes. i also missed not having the pre-news banter, but like i said, its definitely a good thing that you guys want to change and refine it, rather than let it fall into a permanent routine.

btw, loved the comment about australian censorship, that is, if the australian government allows me to write that comment? :P

HILARIOUS - and I really like the new format and background music! Keep going, this gets better every episode!

I.. Really, really liked this format! Totally forgot about the lack of The Escapist logo. Looks nice! I even liked that "And welcome back", straight into more headlines, as if we never left last weeks episode xD

The multiple stories from one anchor then passing over looks neato as well, as does that satellite cross to Jer! Totally keep that side bar up, almost looks like The Colbert Report's "The Word", which is -awesome-!

All in all, nicely done, guys!

All i could say was WHAT at the end that was a hilarious tidbit at the end. Great show

I can't say I'm a fan of the changes. The music while talking was really distracting. And I missed having them open with the lights-down joke...

I'm not sure what everyone's problem is; I thought this was the best ENN ever.

I hope EA is going to make new IPs and give IPS a second chance like mirror's edge and dead space.

Isn't Dead Space 2 already in the works? I thought I heard that somewhere... Not sure now though.

Also, "replace house with tits" is probably one of the greatest phrases ever.

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