Zero Punctuation: Mass Effect 2

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Mass Effect 2

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Mass Effect 2.

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Great, bought the game but have not played it yet due to my computer braking.

nice one.
Still not going to buy Mass Effect though.
Overall funny :P

Nice review, liked the ide for ME3 and i have tried EVE, its worse that Too Human

I got 404 as well


excellent review

Heh. Not bad. Not particularly hilarious, but he makes some good points. But really, no more surface exploration? Aww.

Snipers don't need teammates. In fact, they have this disgusting tendency to GIVE YOUR POSITION AWAY. I'm more just impressed that you had the patience to be a sniper in that game.

Strangely unscathing review there.

I never really get why Yahtzee complains about games being too easy when there are multiple difficulty settings.

He should try not issuing commands to the AI on Insanity and see how far he gets...

not to mention Mordin Solaris sounds ALOT like Yahtzee.


Would love to see his ideas in the sequel.

I think it's an awesome game. But then again, ZP wouldn't be funny if he praised games.

Wow, people really refuse to give resource mining a break, don't they? Not that I'm surprised Yahtzee would spend 80% of the review complaining about something you can just skip altogether. The game must've been pretty awesome if that's the best he's got! </fanboy rant>

In all seriousness, solid video as always. A little disappointed he didn't like it more, but obviously I can't say I'm surprised. I do like how he tried to make the fact that BioWare are known for good writing sound like a negative (and failed miserably).

I like Singapore Slings too.

*sigh* I really need to play this game

Nothing about how meh the ending was? I know it's the middle story, but ME1 was more satisfactory in that regard.

I was sort of expecting a mention about the ending ripping of Anachronox, Contra and Elder Scrolls, but this was enjoyable.

Oh man... I haevn't laughed that hard from a ZP in a good long while.
Best part: RAAAR SHEPARD SMASH, and the following animation.
Good times.

I found it rather lacking in insults. Which means yahtzee loved it.

yay he gave bioware props for thier writing. thats alwasy my favorite part of thier games.

Hmm, flying around on jet packs... Giant wolves that shoot lasers.... *opens game maker*

Oh lord... he's got a twitter account. IS THERE NO GOD!?!

You know yahtzee could be the best game designer that idea he had at the end sounds really good, Damit i want it now.

"Hay! BioWare down hear!!!!!!!!!!!" [point point] "Good ideas"

It's Laser cat, not dogs.

Intresting, seems you liked it as a game, just the mining bit, which i agree with SOOOOOO much. I also have to agree with the jetpacks idea, it is the future, why havnt we seen them yet in ME?!

in the next game should have space wolves who shoot laser out of their mouths-Yathzee

Good ol mister Gobblecoqhe, hadnt heard anything from that guy in a while. What happened to him anyway?

Heh, lots of references to past ZP's in this 1. Can you name them all?

I totally agree. This games gameplay isn't that good though everything else is (kinda).

Now that was the video I was expecting!

He dedicated way too much of the review to the mining issue, but I can't say he is wrong. Mining in the game got boring for me after three hours, to the point where I put on my MP3 so I wouldn't fall asleep doing it. Great idea for the third part by the way, and since Bioware is listening I don't discard the possibility of exploring the planets using that jetpack he mentions XD I am not sure about the wolfs though.

Nicely done. Had a feeling that the resource management, combat and back-from-the-dead bits would all get their comeuppance as they have in every single review ever written ever for this game, but Yahtzee of course pulls it off with that curiously brilliant balance of keen observation and rampant profanity.

Also, "savior of the universe"? Wasn't there a review on these forums of the old Flash Gordon movie that included the song to which he's referring?

Naaah. I must be thinking of something else.


Don't bring back the planet exploration!

Good writing? So did you miss the humongous plot holes and failed characterization of the Reapers?

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