Zero Punctuation: Mass Effect 2

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I agree... the exploration section should not have been dumped. I willingly visited every planet, got the Completionist achievement before I knew it was one... I was genuinely interested in what was on each planet. With the new system, I'm now joining the 90% percent of people who didn't give a damn about exploring from the last game.
They shouldn't have removed the vehicles altogether, they just had to make them not suck.

A good review. Especially to all Yahtzee nay-sayers that preach that he's losing his touch.

A surprising neutral review by Yahtzee, which means (as many of you have pointed out) he probably enjoyed the game.

It's not a game I'm particularly interested in purchasing. Maybe renting, but I dunno.

Ah this was good..i'm still Mass Effect so i can better prepare myself for this one..but i'm glad the driving the Mako part is out because i hate driving that thing It made GTA4 and Saints Row 2's driving mechanics look normal and that's saying something

I know I'm in the tiny minority, but I didn't mind the Mako. I'd happily put up with the Mako and exploration instead of the survey minigame.

And I didn't mind the inventory management system in the last one. That being said, the joke (YAY!... BOOO!) he made about the new inventory system was pretty great.

I liked the "Will nitpick for food" Ha, good all round review I guess.

Great video!

Just wondering... if you posted your message at 2 minutes after the movie was posted and the movie is 4 minutes long then how would you know if it's a cool video or not?. Watch the movie then post... reported.

Other wise yeah good movie. Was I the only one who didn't hate the car sections on mass effect?.

Captain Pancake:
Strangely unscathing review there.

Was thinking the same thing. Seemed like he had to dig around a little more then usual to find the "shit". Great review none the less.

I really REALLY hope Bioware watched this and do your jetpack idea. That would be super-mega-fun and bring back all the awesome planet exploring without the the shitty non-tank.

I was wondering why the forums suddenly became so slow. Anyway, ME2 is indeed a very good game because of the writing.

Story > Gameplay > Graphics

A little disappointed, but it was cool. I loved the game more than my family though...

I never really liked Mass Effect because of the extreme amount of dialogue and vehicle sections. This game sound like it's worse in some areas and better then others. Still I'll never bother with the series again and look forward to the 2013 review from Yahtzee of Mass Effect 3:We still can't get it right!

I expecting more bashing, guess he might have liked it then :)

gee after my pos ps3 slim froze again this made my day now i can play wit my 360

It's Laser cat, not dogs.

(Stares, blank-faced for a second. Slaps across face) "No! Bad Bob!"

Would you look at that, Some fresh bannings & suspensions coming right up
"First hur hur hur"

OT: Was cool. I think we all knew he wasn't going to like the scanning sections & it's awesome he mentioned the chest high walls. Surprised he didnt talk about the amount of glitches

Bioware games have good writing now?

Well they sure hid that in all the games I've played by them.

god dammit i need to get this game...

Wow. The best game reviewed and liked by Yahtzee since... Portal?

Still, I disagree on one thing - easy combat. Try playing Inflitrator/Soldier with a sniper rifle on Hardcore/Insane, where everything is durable and you die faster.

Man I miss the quest for glory games.

Also, did anyone notice the 'planted probe' was a... um person probe?

Brillaint review, one of your best I'd say.

Funny Review,

I loved this game and the first, but he was right about the resource mining it is boring but to be honest i was never hot on the vehicle parts on the first game. So again yatzhee is correct about just the shooting mechanic being mostly on its own.

However i feel the gameplay was good in the game and although it had to "hold up" the game on its own as he put it i still think that it wasnt enough of a problem to let the game down as a whole.

Still one of the best games ive ever played.

Nicely done. Had a feeling that the resource management, combat and back-from-the-dead bits would all get their comeuppance as they have in every single review ever written ever for this game, but Yahtzee of course pulls it off with that curiously brilliant balance of keen observation and rampant profanity.

Also, "savior of the universe"? Wasn't there a review on these forums of the old Flash Gordon movie that included the song to which he's referring?

Naaah. I must be thinking of something else.

Yes, I think so too. Who would be so dumb as to review the old Flash Go-Ooooooh....

... I think my kettle is calling me... BYE!

I thought the mako sections where cool.

This new system is terrible.

Really nice review, but not enough insults...

I love the Dildo probe, Jet pack or something even using the shuttle to navigate the land would be worth it.

You know jetpacks would be awesome in ME3. Will no doubt pick this up at some point.

Ahh Gareth Gobelcoque! From the days gone by when ZP had different musical intros and outros for each vid, Tabula Rasa if I rememeber correctly.
Havn't played Mass Effect 2 yet but looking forward to it, not looking forward to that mining side mission -_-

Umm, all I get is a 404 error message :S and people comment fast :S

Got that one too, realized I should wait a minute and check later before I made a comment.

I agree with the "choices" you get in most of these kind of games. You have to be the good guy because otherwise you'll get a crappy ending and need to play all over to get the good one. Great video as always.

It's Laser cat, not dogs.

Already been done mate.

Totally agree. Fantastic story telling and writing but the combat move about with the speed of a sodden turd and the team AI was lacking but hopefully in the third game they can find the right combat system to go with the story.

Well, my god, the tosser liked it! I'm genuinely surprised abd I agree with pretty much everything said.

I agree with all of Yahtzee's complains. This is the first time he actually nailed all of my personal complaints, and as usual he gave me a couple of new ones too.

Oh man... I haevn't laughed that hard from a ZP in a good long while.
Best part: RAAAR SHEPARD SMASH, and the following animation.
Good times.

I agree. This one was hilarious.

So I guess Yahtzee has ultimately mixed feelings about the game. It does well in the story and writing departments, which as Yahtzee indicated is 100% expected from Bioware at this point. But at the same time the Mass Effect franchise is still somewhat lacking when it comes to gameplay, although most RPG fans probably won't care all that much.

I'm not quite sure I understand the hostility towards being able to select your gender...

Is it odd that I always find the offhand comments the most infuriating? I mean, why throw in the comment about indeterminate gender? Personally I don't like ManShep, as he is often referred to, much preferring Jennifer Hale's voice work to that of Mark Meer.

I suppose my thought is... why comment on it unless you're going to propose something better as an alternative, or perhaps by providing some clarification?

Bah! I told myself I wouldn't watch this one, and I did anyway... that'll learn me.

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