Apocalypse Lane: Episode 36: A Neighborhood in Crisis

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Episode 36: A Neighborhood in Crisis

Their paths finally cross at the lane: Homeowners, Gaymerz and El Presidente.

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I liked the episode

I bet at the very end of it all, we will find out all this has been a TV series, like what we're watching to us is an actual story but to them (the characters) they're really actors playing characters, so it's like a series within a series

Great episode. Cuddles was amazing.
"Take your stinking tentacles off me you damn, dirty bitch!"

Never laughed so much. Thank you Jon

Ha. I love it when stuff happens to make Cuddles puke.
Keep up the good work Jon :D
I may do something crazy if my favourite series disappeared...

This keeps getting stranger and stranger and stranger.

Knife Fight again?

Well, John, from the new title screen I'm taking it you now accept that Apocalypse Land has now reached complexity levels of Lost? :P

Great episode man, this was one of the best ones yet! XD

keeps getting better. so many lols

damn it, now I have to wait another week to see the next one!.

Amazing, i love this =D

I don't want to go to the planet of stupid fat bitches... starring Charlton Heston!

Haha, great episode as usual, now I'm wondering just how the hell is it going to end, I mean this is some tripping story right now!

Strange thing is this is about my favourite show I watch apart from Lost, so nice parody.

HaHa watching too much lost, another great episode :)

*bleep*ing hilarious, as always. So glad I got into this series.


"Wait, Willy is a robot?"

Cuddles definately won this episode. This whole show is getting out of hand, can't wait to see what's next.

These episode keep getting better and better.

Man I hate that I have to wait a whole week just to see the next episode. I want to see what happens next.

gee it just gets interesting and its over , great episode , can't wait for the next one

Great episode! This show shows no signs of becoming less funny so far. Good job!

more like sloppy thirds.

and oh yeah knifefight is coming back!

Possibly the best video episode on the Escapist. Pure and utter genius.


Is it the bountyhunter I'm thinking of?

Or is it a new character entirely?

"She's actually one of the good ones!"

"Planet of the stupid fat bitches!"

"Ehh, more like sloppy thirds man."

[Insert vomit here]

This was one of the best episodes yet!

If the plot was made into a diagram, you will see a BSoD... :D

Great episode. Cuddles was amazing.
"Take your stinking tentacles off me you damn, dirty bitch!"

It's a mad house, A MAD HOUSE!

"Guilty by association. Sorry Marty."

Best line of the episode. Keep up the phenomenal work. I loved the LOST parody :D

more like sloppy thirds.

and oh yeah knifefight is coming back!

It might NOT be knife fight, could be someone else

Holy Shit! This was gold! Gold shit, but the funny kind that looks like Abraham Lincolin if you look at it just right. I like the Lost reference at the beginning and the "Last time" scenses at the beginning were unneccesarry. Also they threw in Planet of the Apes as well. "Planet of the Bitches. Staring: Charlston Heston."

The Lost reference was cool.
Cuddles cracked me up with his "planet of the stupid bitches" line. XD
"Slappy thirds" XD -> "Damn you all to hell" HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Great Episode guys.
Planet of the Apes Cuddles was the best bit.

"Does anyone have any Alcohol?"
"I brought some Rum...You know just in case"

Frickin' hilarious exchange

also "I'm about to make this asshole a cripple"

had me laughing really hard this episode

keep up the goods

By the way how can Hicky be the more or less most normal guy in all of this that's a mindf*** right there


I loved this episode guys! Did someone say Knifefight?

Is there any way I can buy this series on DVD or something? It'll be a shame when it ends that I couldn't re-watch it anywhere else.

Whilst I still find Apocalypse lane very entertaining, the plot is getting a little...tangled.
Feels like it needs a little compressing into something more manageable.

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