Question of the Day, Feb. 19, 2010

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Question of the Day, Feb. 19, 2010


The PC version of Assassin's Creed 2 will require the player to stay connected to the internet at all times, a decision that has many gamers up in arms. Losing your progress due to an IP or server blip is frustrating and obnoxious, but what about being required to be online while you play? You tell us, PC gamers.


most times, only time I'm not is when im downloading asscreed 2 dlc.

but i still reserve the right to be outraged by it.

Well, seeing as I play most games on the 360, I am normally connected to XBL...
But I am normally connected to the internet while playing any PC games as well.
Geez, some games I can't play without internet connection... that sucks.

I depends. On this laptop always, but on my other computer I don't have internet access.

Pretty much all the time.

It won't affect me though, as I play most ubisoft games on consoles.

I'm always online, but I only have a desktop, I can imagine those with gaming laptops that want to play on the move are way more annoyed than anyone else.

My net is really sketchy, it works fine but has random drop outs.
It's almost always connected while i'm gaming but there's no way it's reliable enough to feel comfortable while playing.

Depends on the game i play. When i'm on the road i don't always have an internet connection so i like to play games that don't depend on a persistent internet connection.

Luckily with pc games you can hack just about any program that is out there. There is always a way to disable the call home code.

Edit: Im not promoting illegal activities but if I but a piece of software I hold the license to use it. So if need to disable a feature of the software to just to use then I will.

Of course I'm always online. But, you know, kind of not the point.

If I'm going on a plane, obviously I'm not gonna be online, I like how I can put steam into offline mode for this reason, Ass Creed 2, you have some answering to do.


My gaming PC isn't connected to the internet. It's a very arduous process just to do a one time activation, so no Assassin's Creed 2 for me. Ubisoft will just have to find some other Australian to price-gouge, as is the industry standard.

Dammit, I read the question as SHOULD you be connected to the internet.
Whoops, please subtract 1 from "never" and add 1 to "always"

My PC is upstairs and connected wirelessly, they signal sometimes dips and drops. My gaming PC is no match for the router of doom.

Always really, when my PC is turned on it's online.

I'm always connected to the internet at home. But when I want to go on a trip to say London in July with my laptop it means i cant play assassins creed 2 because of the stupid DRM in place thanks a bunch.

While I am usually connected to the internet, what Ubisoft is trying to do is disgusting.

It is however not surprising considering that we made this bed for ourselves when we decided to tolerate this shit when Steam came out. Now a precedent has been set and we're shocked, shocked that companies are trying to get away with this?

Excuse me for a moment while I go put on my 'The end is nigh!' sandwich board and proselytize from this street corner.

I am connected to the internet, but alas my service that goes to my house is occassionally extremely slow, and drop outs are common.

It's more of a problem for people like me, or people that do not have connection due to location.

Whether or not I am connected to the internet should not be a contributing factor to a Single Player game.

I'm always connected to the internet, but i don't feel the need to be when i'm playing a single-player game.

Edit: Im not promoting illegal activities but if I but a piece of software I hold the license to use it.

Keep convincing yourself of this.

Anyways, the result isn't surprising.

I don't see why not?

I'm always connected, but I doubt my internet is fast enough to handle that much data transfer seemlessly.

I'm always connected to the internet, but that's simply because I only ever use my laptop in my shared house, which has a constant wireless internet connection anyway. I still disagree with Ubisoft's reasoning and DRM plans though. What about those who aren't alwys connected to tehz interwebz? And what if I decide to play a game when I'm on the train home of a weekend and there's no internet?

If I had an ISP that was 100% guaranteed - this would be OK, but all ISPs lose a connection once in a while. I would just hope it's not while I am in the middle of a level where I lose all my progress to that point.

I'm online pretty much all the time. But when I don't want to be disturbed I normally change my online status.

The only time I play offline is when I'm on the 360.

I get all sorts of random disconnections and drop outs. This is ridiculous. If I wanted to play Assassin's Creed 2, I would HAVE TO pirate it. It's beyond belief.

Sucks, I guess. Basically, it's a no-go if you have an unreliable connection...

just about always unless my internet decides to crapout... (which it occasionally does and i got to kick reset the stupid router)
but having to be connected to the internet to play is madness.. pure and simple..

Answered sometimes. I only play one PC game (at home) and it's a multiplayer game. But I am getting a new GPU and I will get me some more games, and I rarely play multiplayer in games (with the one exception), so i will be playing sometimes, it depends, but I am playing always, why wouldn't I be?.

It was very fun to use these word altering thingies so extensively!

Really depends what game I'm playing, usually only if I have to be connected

No idea why not. I sometimes play without Internet on my laptop when I'm on vacations. But if I play PC games, it's either online multiplayer games or single player, and I'm using the Internet to download some TV series or an episode.

Or I play single-player games only because my Internet crapped out on me and I'm bored.

Nearly always, but no internet connection is 100% reliable, and sometimes I'm on campus and either can't or have no need to connect to the university network. Also trains, which have no reliable internet presence here in the UK (a limited few have public access, for web browsing only). I'm one of the people who Facebook-echoed the Escapist's ACII PC story, because I'm so infuriated with Ubisoft for doing such a stupid thing. That and it's clearly an executive decision - their programmers must consist of at least one Computer Science graduate, how could they ever think this was a good idea‽

Oh, I certainly want to be and enjoy being connected at all times. It's just not always under my control: there could be interference between the router and my wireless card (not as uncommon as you think, I live in an area known as Radio Hell), the router or the card could fail, the connection between the router and the IP could fail, etc. We're not talking about air or sunlight here, the Internet can fail, and does fail.

When I'm on vacation,my internet access is stable.
However,when I'm on campus,the new fiber optic connection which SHOULD be the best thing invented ever since the wheel is very unstable,thanks to people who download things 24/7

Countless are the times I proposed the idea of going around room by room to find those bastards,inquisition style.

I am usually online when I'm playing games. I'm also sitting on my ass, but that doesn't mean I'd appreciate Ubisoft putting their dicks in there while I'm playing. In fact, I think I'd find that very, very uncomfortable and most certainly worthy of a violent defensive castration against them. Keep it up though, dear decision makers over at Ubisoft. You do provide some much needed chuckles to the gaming community. We will also gladly piss on your financial grave a year or two from now, after we drink a beer or two and bid you farewell. You will be properly honoured, don't worry.

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