Alt+Escape: The Adventures of One-Button Bob

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Alt+Escape: The Adventures of One-Button Bob

Monsters? Traps? Psh, you have a mouse button.

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I'd already played this via Newgrounds, it's actually quite a nice to twist what are essentially are over-simplified QTE'.

Depending on which section you're playing the command or button press changes and you're only hint is the environment or the symbols above the characters head it keeps you thinking.
It's a decent game.

Haha, thanks Funk. I enjoyed that. It did get kinda frustrating at parts though.
Ahh well, it was relaxing before work.

That game was frustrating...
and the final boss really... annoyed me...
In the end, I just beat the boss as a boulder killed me, but it counted as my win :D
446 clicks... I think I'll stay away from this game unless I want to get frustrated...

The game plays similar to the WarioWare games, except it's presented in a different way.

Took me 858 clicks.

About 500 where that fucking boss....

658 clicks... about 200 to 300 hundred on the final boss, hard but fun actually :d i vanted to win!!

549 on the first try, about 255 on the second. Fun game for sure.

Game mechanics can´t really get any simpler than this, and the music is just great. Very enjoyable 5 minutes.

I can't get past this one level with a falling spiked ceiling, it's so frustrating. That one level took about 700 clicks before I gave up.

Is it just me, or does Bob look suspiciously like Ranger Smith?

Is the final boss Yogi Bear?
Is this an epic quest to confiscate his pic-a-nic baskets?

I honestly thought the game was good, up until you had to start button mashing to get through, like the first boulder level. After that, things got progressively worse, obstacles that you could not have possibly seen on your first try show up more and more often and I gave up on the falling ceiling level.

Took me 283 clicks, so i got the silver medal. The music was the best part of that game though.

Loved the music. It was wonderfully awesome somehow. XD 461 clicks to victory.

It would have been more fun if it wasn't so damn frustrating at times.

307 clicks. Woot! Go me!

Incredible Bullshitting Man:
Game mechanics can´t really get any simpler then this, and the music is just great. Very enjoyable 5 minutes.

Indeed. Certainly gave me something to do.

Finished it, short and sweet.

Uh, 248 clicks.
The music is surely the best part. Also, Bob is a great name.

Fun, took about 496 clicks.

Anyone else wonder reminded of Ranger Smith?

I managed 350 clicks, the boss wasn't all that difficult so long as you timed it freakishly well.

It took me waaay too long to kill the boss but I'm still proud of my 429 final score. I know I'm capable of a third of that with practice though.

Woot 167 clicks!!! Gold Medal. 7th in the World! I'm the Greetest!

364 clicks, but I've played it before :)

Is the last boss supposed to be unbeatable? Seriously, that shit is fucked up. I quit after 1200 clicks trying to beat the damn thing. I'm really pissed off now.

This game is broken. Seriously broken. I simply walk through it with no damage, falling, anything.

I actually helped beta test this game when the guy first made it. It's pretty fun, think my lowest clicks was like 200 or something.

congrats u found the treasure---"how the heck do i carry this back?!"

Woot 167 clicks!!! Gold Medal. 7th in the World! I'm the Greetest!

7th Greetest!

Loved the music, but I feared for my mouse on the boulder level, I had to put two hands on the button and push as fast as I could to get past it. It took my over 800 clicks, because I kept dying due to stuff I couldn't see until it was too late.

Interesting. Iloved it until I accidentally clicked on teh FUCKING ADVERTISEMENT on the top of the window. Not anyones' fault but mine but dammit, I lost interest after that.

That's the thing when it comes to flash games for me, there's no replay value. I dont' care about a lower click count. I dont' like going through the last 10 levels I had just been in.

A bit tricky on a trackpad (macbook trackpad, no less) but still kind of entertaining. Friend showed it to me 'bout a week ago. He seemed to love it.

The guy in first is crazy at the game. How some crazy S.O.B. managed to beat it in 71 clicks is either sheer determination to be the best or blind luck.

First try, 294 clicks.

Dig the music.

667 clicks.

392. Woo.

The end boss wasn't that hard.. after I found out what the clicking did..

(and no not my first try, don't worry)

((Second try))

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