The Pocket Gamer Report: Android and Windows Mobile 7

The Pocket Gamer Report: Android and Windows Mobile 7

One solitary App Store does not a mobile gaming party make.

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Well I must admit I never really was a fan of the Iphone.
Google's Android, Blackberry and now the new Windows Phone 7 are all starting to surpass the Iphone in terms of hardware AND software.

Well it's probably just me, but who plays games on his phone anyway :/ (no offense)

PSN? Extensive back catalog? lol Unless I want to play PS1 games on a mobile phone *shudder*, I'd rather have XBLA integration.

So, any guesses on if/when mobile phone gamers' standards will raise up to DS/PSP levels? Aside from Civilization: Revolution on the iPhone (which I have on DS), I have yet to find a single app-game that I'd choose over something on my DS. And yet, the buying public have shown that making nothing but shovelware can be profitable.

I've recently got my hands on a Palm Pre. I've not been a big fan of the Apple ideal, so I wanted something different. It's a very capable little platform but sadly seems to be being ignored at the moment. In fairness, the WebOS operating system is brand new and still teething. I think part of the reason they are being overlooked is due to poor global release and overall management of application availability from Palm (They are getting better though, just slowly).

For those looking for more info:
Gameloft official trailers -

Gangstar (GTA type game) -

If its one thing Apple has done well, it conquer the mobile gaming market in bulk, thats for sure

Bets on how long it takes Apple to start banning developers who sell their apps on multiple phones?

Here the what I believe

The Android market will never succeed as long as it requires a credit card to purchase. It should be tacked onto the monthly bill. I guarantee that would increase profits by double.

Oh man, it's such a tease to hear Google's Marketplace growing and actually being competitive. I've had my G1 since last September and it feels like Marketplace is largely ignored by all but the indie programmer who's making a simple app that may or may not catch on (thankfully, there are a lot of freebies.)

I'd love to see Marketplace (or even Win7's app store) take over Apple's but I know that'll never be the case unless the iPhone up and dies completely. But if either can actually make a dent in Apple's app store, at least one big enough for Apple to take notice, then all of us iHaters can rejoice.

I have the nexus one phone (sick freaking phone btw) and I just don't play games on the damn thing.

It's a phone, I have a PSPgo if I want to play some real games. All I have on the phone are some silly time wasters I found.

Now I do use it for all kinds of other applications. Just not gaming.

Gaming is the LAST thing I'll ever do on my phone. I'm never stuck someplace where I must have a gaming fix and need to waste hours of my battery for a device used to communicate to play some poorly designed indie game.

Good on people that do need them though, keep spending that money.

From what I can tell, the Android Market also has the largest amount of free useful apps I've ever seen. A lot of comparable products on the Apple Store cost money.

Apple's got critical mass. That's what matters. I bet other platforms might be better in some (or many) ways but iPhone's huge install base and name recognition are going to keep it ahead of the pack by orders of magnitude. Windows, iPod, Google, World of Warcraft, there are lots of examples of where fine-tuned "<leader>-killer" entries just go splat against the bulk of their intended target.

Sony Ericsson needs to get off their ass and release a PSP Go with proper phone capability. That would be an oh-so-satisfying headshot on the iPhone as a gaming platform.


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