Zero Punctuation: Dante's Inferno

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Dante's Inferno

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Dante's Inferno.

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"It beats the fuck out of me!"

fucking lol'd

Nice vid, different voice though o_O

Yes, christianity does have some problems with temptation.
When i first saw Dante, i thought it was a cool section of torn off skin. Sadly i found out it was a glorified blanket.

Great: Quick time events. Ugh

Yes, i might get this for 5 quid in a few years in a bargain bin, but for now, sod it.

I do wonder how the holy and unholy thing works. Are they equal benefits? If so, what's the point.
Nah, not at all interested in this game.

Ha, just watched it.

Like my right hand on a sunday night - IT BEATS THE FUCK OUT OF ME made me laugh hard. Really good this week.


I look forward to a God of War 3 review

"Shitford Upon Avon" - I think I passed through that on my way to Edinburgh on vacation this summer.

Loved it. :D
I actually went out and bought an XBox to play this game. Okay, I admit it was more to be able to play FFXIII next week, and it was cheaper than the PS3. Regardless, I've been waxing dreamily about killing unbaptised babies ever since I purchased the game.

Sure, it's a knockoff of GoW et al, but you know, GoW was a rip-off of games I played 20 years ago. (Doom anyone? Okay, how about Diablo?) It was still kinda fun and it satisfied my "GOD, I hated Catholic school" twitches for a few hours.

One can only hope that kids don't look at this game and think that it is on par with The Divine Comedy. 700 years later, that poem lives up to it's epicness and I'd hate to thik kids were (once again) misguided by mainstream media.

Anyway, great review. :D
"And then I met Virgil and we became friends" made me laugh for, well...minutes, but it was hysterical during those shiny, maniacal moments.

Another good review, I love yahtzee's daily routine clock, looks suspiciously like my own

now I'm all curious about this hairy bum business O_o

but yeah I'll wait for God of War III

thanks ^_^

The whole right hand joke is the best joke ive heard in my history of ZP

Good review, even thou i'm not getting this game i hope it does well for the sake of how much they pissed away on adverts and or stunts

Freaking awesome... one of the best lines ever written:

"its like my right hand on a saturday night... it beats the fuck out of me"

I was hoping you'd mention the package EA sent you, and I wasn't disappointed. Happy to see you rip this game apart.

Does Yahtzee alternate hands every day of the week?

"You call this searing?" Hah. Nice.
"Baby's first vagina adventure" Okay, that brings in way too many odd images.
"It beats the fuck out of me" Quite possibly the best joke I've heard from him in a while.

Nice job Yahtzee.

Unfortunately, not having a PS3 means that if i want hacky-slashy fun with a big muscly dude, Dante's Inferno is my only choice.

Two Queen references in as many weeks! Ah, back when the days Yahtzee used kickass classic rock for his intros & outros...

Anyway, nicely done, right down to the gay jokes and masturbation references. Classic ZP.

"It's like my right hand on a Saturday afternoon"
"Why is that"
"It beats the hell out of me!"

Great show, sport!

now I'm all curious about this hairy bum business O_o

:moves several seats away from johnzaku:

you guys haven't even watched the full video and ur already posting. i'm gonna go wathc it now. watch the video first ppl next time

Somebody needs to wikipedia 'Irony'

LOL I love the reference back to his rick roll back.

Yathzee is wrath incarnate

Good review, ive not played the game, but i might do.
I mean im a fan of God of war, so i may enjoy it.. but so is Yahtzee. Also, hair bum.

Im worried...he seemed to only really notice the hairy bum....

Is this saying something about our hero...?

i swear that video was just one massive wank joke.
it was good though im gona use that right hand one

That was hilarious this time around. I think he summed it up nicely at the end. "Nothing special. Wait for God of War 3. Hairy bum" Har har.

Exactly what I expected from this review, which didn't make it very funny for myself.

That right hand joke made me laugh harder than any ZP joke for a good long while.

My favorite in some time! Nice one.


you guys haven't even watched the full video and ur already posting. i'm gonna go wathc it now. watch the video first ppl next time

Somebody needs to wikipedia 'Irony'

Or maybe even hypocrisy?

I'm gonna laugh my tits off if GoWIII turns out to be overhyped shit that lacks the depth of other apparent "worse" games. Btw if the hairy arse thing is true then this game ripp's off Bayonetta and not just GoW (since her arse was entirely hair).

'Hairy bum' ? I don't get it...

No really. I don't...I'm clearly missing something and I think I need to play the game to get it =(...

Dante's Inferno is a good game... if you never played God Of War. I tried it out and got bored after an hour and did swap it out for God Of War 2.

Another lovely review, Yahtzee. The right hand joke was especially well-told.

That was one of the funniest ones I've seen.

Two things....

1. Sounds like you wank it too much.
2. Glad I didn't buy this.

Gravel, It's what's for dinner.

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