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RPG Elements

ENN investigates the disappearance of RPG elements from gaming.
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i still feel that peggle is the crack cocaine of casual gaming

also james in face paint...amazing


Best episode yet because of the black-metal puns and content :P

go ahead, kill the elements
or get them to cave.

NO!!!! *Falls to Knees* Not the Junction System!!!! I loved you so!

Great video guys, and loved the Persona 4 refference at the end.

hehe, loved the ending joke, and we definitely need more black metal in our games, but guitar hero? those riffs would be impossible to play for me, even fake play.

Vive la résistance! C'est la vengeance des canadiens-français!

Ok Ok, I love this episode. I wonder how they figured out our terrorist group though...

Damn those French-Canadian Terrorists! Soon they'll take our character customisation!

Hehe, black metal guitar hero. Yes, the Escapist is filled with metalheads, though I doubt most of them wear that much make up. I have no doubt that some of them do, mind you.

Always a funny show. Keep on rockin.

Whats this about Lost Planet 2?!
yay! Im sat watching Phailhaus and decided to catch up on ENN. Nice episode =]

Damn you French Canadians!
Stealing our elements!

Great episode

As someone who knows about the FLQ and the murder of Pierre Laporte, I found that was... really, really, creepy.

Needs longer hair... ;)

Great idea though.

As always, awesome-sauce! lol

Lead story made me chuckle! Damn those French Canadians!

So it was terrorist... I thought I'd just lost my elements down the back of the sofa. and big deal, my cup of tea is in lost planet 2.

Awwwwwwww, it wasn't Jacque Francois.

An excellent episode but, I miss the old format of setting up a joke at the beginning and finishing it at the end.

Who gives a shit about the junction system? Really, they did us a favor.

Biggest laugh for me was Morgan's pronouciation of "vid'jagames."

Guitar Hero: Enslaved, now that would be awesome GH.

Damn bilingual Quebecois, think they're so much better than us lazy uni-lingual swine.

Hey terrorist that looks suspiciously like Jeremy Petter, if you don't kill the RPG elements I promise to make it so boxes are always printed in every language but French. I'm including Africans and Klingon.


Guitar Hero: Dethklok.


...amidst the freaky blue alien sex and the not nearly freaky enough but still kinda hot human sex...

It's funny because it's true.

*Junction system is dead*

And nothing of value was lost.

Also did they really just show the Seph mod?

Nice hat there on the lead terrorist.

I think we should make a deal. They give us extra time by first killing the Draw system and we'll think about it.

Not the ATB, anything but the ATB!

Nnoooo!!! The French-Canadian terrorists have Final Fantasy II (SNES)!! THEY MUST BE STOPPED!!!

The only thing funnier than a black metal guitar hero would be seeing anyone I know attempting to sing for more than a song or two before their vocal cords explode.

Wow, Persona 4 joke... For some reason you never see any major gaming media mentioning the SMT games despite the great reviews, too much of a niche market I guess.


Best episode yet because of the black-metal puns and content :P

don't understand what that is, explain please

Best episode yet! I like the explanation for what's happening to RPGs but the truth is a government conspiracy to make more RPGs as shooters to make l33t super soldiers.

Just kidding but seriously I love traditional RPGs and they're becoming scarce.

"Live" side-by-side interviews. Hacked "signals". That's how to spice things up!

Those are supposed to be terrorists?

They killed the junction system off! More like saviours imo.

FFVIII was a headache and a half.

Great video guys, I find it hard to believe Activision is only releasing 2 music games, also Zeitgeist Shepard.

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