Question of the Day, March 2, 2010

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Only when I want to read something very specific, like just today I had the urge to read The Great Gatsby and 1984 so I checked them out today.

I go through phases where I'll read 3-4 books in a short space of time then not read any for a good few months. Last book I read was Watchmen, thought it was absolutely incredible so starting to read as much Alan Moore as I can, starting with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Barely read magazines as they're a huge waste of money and are generally just full of ads anyway; plus I can get all my game and film news online.

Only really read newspapers for sport, The Guardian and The Times are the best for (real) football

My bookshelf is just full of uni books for my dissertation, plus my guide to all 5 seasons of The Wire_ a must-have for anyone who's a fan!!

I always have a book I'm reading; but it can get tricky, because I hate rereading them.
But I always have a book on hand; never know when I might get torn away from my precious games and computer.

I am an avid reader, but I doubt 80% of the people who put that down were telling the truth.

I have tooooo maaaany boooooooooks...

Actually, that's not true, I just haven't gotten around to finishing them all yet. Of course, George RR Martin hasn't gotten around to finishing all HIS books either... jerk.

I love books, right now I'm going through all my Bill Bryson books (again) I've just started A short History.

Eagle Est1986:
I have the internet, why would I want a magazine with out of date information that I have to pay for?

For professional quality.

I'll buy a book if it isn't already at my house. I have such a huge collection of books from my mother who also loves to read that it'll take me years to work through it all

All the bloody time. Especially in Spring and Fall when the library here has its bag sale. Last one we hit we came home with 12 sacks of books. For 6 dollars.

Wow, that's great news that so many Escapists are readers! I have lots of books to read but they are put away so I never pick them up. I really need to change that.

People who play video games, on average, are younger and spend more time on the internet than those who don't. This isn't a media effects issue, it's a demographic one.

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