Escape to the Movies: Halo Legends

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Halo Legends

This week MovieBob takes a look at the animated Halo Legends.

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I really like these shorts

I think they fairly accurately did justice to the Halo franchise and hope more come along.

I did find the animation on a couple very annoying however and hope they don't make more like the duel one I understand that it's about art but I just found the water color look to be vomit inducing rather than enjoyable.

B-b-b-but Half Life...

That was an interesting watch, to say the least. And I was expecting you to tear into it like anytime a Halo movie is mentioned. But, what I got left me pleasantly surprised...

I think I'm going to rent it. See, I am one of those few Halo fans that actually have both common sense and a sense of the ridiculious. I don't play Halo because it's a FPS, I play it for the story. I play it multiplayer, but not XBL because I detest Halo fans and the kids on XBL in general.

Btw: OMFGBBQWTF, there ARE female they have already established before. So if anybody is surprised....then they are mentally retarded.

Weirdly enough I detest Halo, and I'm not a big fan of Anime, but I've ordered Halo Legends... I'm looking forward to it.

I still really want to see this as an Animatrix/Gotum Night Fan rater than a halo one, The shorts in this colabs are always really well put together.

B-b-b-but Deus Ex.

B-b-b-but Thief 2.

B-b-b-but System Shock.

Granted, none of these have been made in the last decade...

So I'll end with... B-b-b-but Bioshock?

Hey, they should rename this show "Escape to the movies with Weeabob" Ha you see what I did there.... I am of course joking MovieBob is excellent, Another top-notch episode.

Oh lawdy lawd.

Spartan 1337. That has to be a joke somehow.


Pretty damn awesome video even though I went into it dissapointed with the subject matter but damn did it pull through to be interesting.

i have never been a fan of either the anime reimaginings (saw the batman and matrix ones) or halo, so for me this was an easy decision, but the review did spark some interest, i may rent it or just watch the good bits on youtube.

Dinosaurs! Of course - thats what Halo was missing all along.

sounds like I expected, kinda like the matrix animation thing, a few interesting ones, a few not, I really liked the single player of halo, for the most part I thought it was a pretty good thing with at least a kinda interesting story, multi can suck my left nut tho.

hmmm ... this is not my cup of tea. not even a rent. good and fair review

There's gonna be a massive fallout about your view of all Western character designs being bald generic space marines, that's for sure.

I wonder though MovieBob, what game genres do you like? I can guess that it isn't FPS, since you've made many a jab at that in your videos.


B-b-b-but Deus Ex.

B-b-b-but Thief 2.

B-b-b-but System Shock.

Granted, none of these have been made in the last decade...

So I'll end with... B-b-b-but Bioshock?

So basically, Deus Ex (which is more of an RPG) and Bioshock, which doesn't play very well but has a nice atmosphere. I haven't played Thief admittedly, but System Shock was horrible.

B-b-b-but Deus Ex.

B-b-b-but Thief 2.

B-b-b-but System Shock.

Granted, none of these have been made in the last decade...

So I'll end with... B-b-b-but Bioshock?

In his other work, the Videogame Overthinker, he mentions that he loves Bioshock.

Well since I won't Half-Life you to death, even though it features the anthitheses of the Jock FPS hero fighting against them in the first game and a compelling, cute, and capable double-minority Black chick sidekick in the second, I'll go around and say:

B-b-b-but Team Fortress 2...

I think that would be a little more to your likings Moviebob, as I can personally tell you that if XBOX live is full of imature trolls, at least PC online is a bit better. Besides, the character designs and even the game in of itself is like Counter-Strike meets Loney Tunes. Very much worth checking out as an antitdote for your FPS bile, kinda like Bioshock.

On another note, I didn't think Halo Legends would actually be that good or varied. I thought Microsoft would've paid the animators a bit more to keep the machismo, but I'm all for subverting the established conventions in the name of a good story.

Hmmm..."Halo meets Evangellion"...Despite my...reservations previously expressed on your Book of Eli (or was it Legion?) review of the series, I gotta say that's one crossover I'd like to see just to see. Not only in a morbid sense of curiosity, but also how the hell do you blend mindfuckery and Revelation exploitation (in the base sense of the word, mind you), with Space-Marine machismo warfare.

I own the Animatric (started this entire thing and if it didnt exist this woundlt) and the Batman one, and had zero interest in this till I saw this review. I thought it was just going to be halo, where the story is complet water and just big men saying how great it is to be big men

I was worried that you were going to rip this a new one. (seeing as you are not a big fan of Halo) But I was surprised that you thought it was not bad.

The Duel and Homecoming were my favorites out of the bunch.

The Duel for its wonderful art style and give Halo fans (like me) a look at the Elite's home planet and lifestyle.

And Homecoming for its dark and interesting story about the early Spartans.

All in all I enjoyed Halo Legends. I'm one of the few Halo fans who enjoyed its story more than multiplayer.

Hm. Quite a balanced review there, MovieBob. As one of the possibly insane Halo fanatics, who enjoys the story to death though really couldn't give about the XBL multiplayer AND has read all the books, I actually enjoyed a couple of the shorts I saw off of Waypoint. THe couple were, most notably, The Package and The Babysitter. I dunno, something about the flashy space battles in the Package got me going...

That aside, good review, might give Halo: Legends a rent before I buy it...
Then again, coming from one of the guys who nabbed ODST on release day and LOVED it, it'll probably be hard to return to the nearest Blockbuster. Definetely a buy for me.

Didn't expect that! Didn't expect that at all!!! Halo Legends is teh good? Sweet! Time to remove my, I guess you would call it a boycott, on all things Halo and pick this title up!

i didn't think it was too bad. its nice to see japan at least TRYING to expand their horizons. which is alot more than i can say for america.

I have yet to buy it. But I will soon.

Moviebob has another series called the gameoverthinker and he says that he loves bioshock

Persona 3 and Monster Rancher Reffernces? AWESOME!

sorry, OT: awesome review, 2en best, still thought the Twilight review was the funniest.

Hmm, a Halo-something that isn't all just manly men grunting? I might actually consider watching Halo Legends...

Im in 20% of the internet that to the world "Anime" reacts "Eegh" so due to my prejudice i shall not comment on it.

If you think Gears of War and Halo are the only Western games out there Bob, then I think it's time you payed a visit to ANYWHERE THAT SELLS VIDEOGAMES. If you do, you'll see a wide range of titles with a wide range of characters in a wide range of genres that you appear to have missed.
Let me name a few that break your stereotype that are sitting on my shelf right now.
Brutal Legend
Mass Effect 1 and 2
Assassin's Creed II
Dragon Age
Uncharted 1 and 2

I liked Halo Legends myself and I agree that Homecoming was the best of the shorts and Odd One Out was funny. Why can the solo campaign of the Halo games have been that good? I wonder if Microsoft will get Rooster Teeth to do a Red Vs Blue movie next.

As much as I loved the references to Ender's Game, Evangelion and He-Man (catch that one?) what sold this one for me are:




Classic, and spot-on. Nicely done, Bob.

Honestly, I don't know why there's so much hate for Halo. It's basically defined modern FPS's by taking the good qualities of other, older FPS's and combining it into a playable and even (oh noes, here he goes!!) ENJOYABLE experience.

I can handle Spartans with emotions, teddy bears, references to other anime, all that stuff, but a Marine with spiky hair??? Uh-uh, that is too far Japan.

With all due respect movie bob you review movies keep reviewing movies. Im sorry to say that you do not know much about video games. While I think halo legends does not look good that does not give reason to go after US made games and stereotype them since the west has a large range and variety of games. Not to sound rude but stick to reviewing movies and leave video games alone

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